Dog Safety Tips for Christmas

How to Protect Your Bulldog from Holiday Hazards?

Christmas and New Year are our dream holidays and what about Bulldogs? They may turn into a stress for our pets. They got used to comfort, quiet atmosphere and not to pre-holiday fuss, sparkling lights and loud fireworks.

Dog Safety Holiday

Leather Harness for Bulldog Winter Activities

That is why Bulldog owners should be specially careful in Christmas and New Year's eve to make these festive days safe and pleasant for animals.

No icicles, tinsel and streamers

Refuse these traditional attributes or decorate only that room, which your dog is not allowed if possible. The dog by all means will become interested in icicles and will surely taste them. It will be difficult for the pet to spit this out. Bulldog will swallow icicles, which corks its bowels.

If this happened… Never try to get Christmas-tree decoration out by yourself! Keen edges of tinsel will injure dog's gullet and stomach hard. Take Bulldog to a vet immediately.

No fairy lights of high voltage

Bright shimmering lights will surely attract your Bulldog. The dog can gnaw through a wire and it receives an electric shock, which strength depends on what lights you have chosen.

Dog Holiday Safety

Entertain Your Bulldog with Dog Toys

Fix the lights at such height that will be out of reach of the dog.

No sweets in free access

If you decorate Christmas tree with biscuits and candies, hang them higher so that your pet couldn't get them. Sugar and chocolate are the strongest poisons for animals. But they like their smell and taste very much. Bulldogs indulge in eating sweets and some of them will eat a candy together with pieces of shiny wrap and will make worse.

No Christmas-tree decorations of glass

Bulldog can break glass decorations while playing with them. It will certainly smell glass shards, step on them and hurt itself. Change glass decorations to plastic ones or hang them higher on Christmas tree.

No prohibited food

Every careful Bulldog owner knows that it is forbidden to give the dog smoked products. If your family members and you have already learnt this rule, watch your guests not to treat the dog. It is often when owners with their pets, which have severe poisonings, come to vet clinics. Dogs' condition in certain cases is critical.

Dog Holiday Safety Tips

Healthy Treats for Bulldog Chew Toys

The matter is that sometimes pets together with a piece of healthless smoked product eat also a string from a product or a cellophane wrap. It injures stomach. But the worst is that it takes some time for vets to understand what the matter is. It is impossible to see parts of sausage wrap with the help of US or X-ray.

Chicken bones are also dangerous for dogs. Many owners treat Bulldogs with them at holidays. Remember that bone splinters wound stomach and lead to peritonitis.

Celebration with guests

Do you wait for guests? It is better to close your Bulldog in the separate room where nobody will disturb it. Guests can make the dog drunk, step on the canine.

Moreover, all the dogs can't stand alcohol smell. Drunk behavior of the guest may seem to Bulldog as danger for the owner and the family. It is better to isolate the pet than to cure the injured person then. Feed your Bulldog and make it comfortable in the room where it will stay.

No open door

Your Bulldog can just escape through an open door. The dog may lost or die in holiday fuss. Control the situation to avoid this. If you can't, it is better to isolate your Bulldog.

Dog Christmas Safety

Nylon Collar with Name Plate for Bulldog

Put on the dog the collar with ID tag, where its name, your address and phone will be engraved.

No airing

Don't hurry to open a window when it is without a fly screen when it is become stifling in the room. Take your Bulldog away to the other room first because it can jump out on the street. The dog can be frostbitten except for injuries. Draft is also dangerous for your pet's health.

No smoking indoors

Nicotine is harmful to the person and deadly to animals. Indoor smoking leads to nicotinic poisoning and even to death.

No fireworks and Christmas crackers

If your Bulldog hasn't got used to loud sounds from the puppyhood, you shouldn't shoot off fireworks in its hearing. They will frighten the dog and will turn its brain.

Holiday Safety Tips Your Dog

Choose Reliable Leash to Walk Your Bulldog Safely

It is better to walk Bulldog on strong dog leash and with reliably fastened dog collar on holidays. Otherwise the dog can be frightened of loud sounds and run away. It will be difficult to fund the dog, moreover it can get into a trouble during search.

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