Why Does Your Bulldog Need Natural Dog Food

What Do You Need to Know About Bulldog Feeding Ration?

June 18, 2013 | Bulldog Feeding | By British Bully

English Bulldog Puppy Nutrition

There is a popular belief that English Bulldogs, which are also considered as vermin, in the course of long-term domestication and selection changed in such a way that their nutritional needs don't apply to them any more. Bulldogs are regarded by many as omnivorous pets. That is why, cereals are all the go and, as a rule, make the most part of Bulldog diet. So, puppy feeding is also begins with cereals. And meat, used for cooking, is not of the best quality, as a rule. But Bulldogs also need fruit, vegetables, berries and healing plants. This suggests that cereals are of minor importance to this extent.

Naturally, a vermin get grain from a digestive system of its victim, being already in the fermented semi-split condition. Besides, the vermin is free in a choice of food. Intestine saturation with food, consisting generally of cereals, stills hunger for sometime, but doesn't supply the animal with necessary amount of vitamins and minerals at all. Hormones, enzymes, vitamins, which take part in digestion of all living beings, are identical, but are individual in the proportions for any species.

Engish Bulldog Puppy Eat

English Bulldog, as any vermin, is capable to ingest protein and lipid energy of animal origin and to hold it over as fat in fatty tissue, instead glycogen in liver. That's why the abundance of complex carbohydrates makes a burden on dog pancreas and liver, stimulating it to release insulin.

These processes lead to digestive disorder and provide development of saprogenic and fungoid microflora, helminths and other parasites.

All these deviations lead to metabolic disease, immunity loss and emergence of diseases connected with it. As a result the dog gets oncological diseases, diabetes, cirrhosis, an urolithic illness.

It is very important to feed your Bulldog with grain free dog food and to treat with cereals only when the dog need them.

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