Do You Know That Senior Bulldogs Become Wiser?

Do You Know That Older Bulldogs Acquire More Wisdom?

Austrian scientists disproved that dogs (Bulldogs also) lose their learning abilities with age. They really remember new things worse, but their logical thinking becomes sharper.

"Senior dogs spent more time then young dogs to complete all the tasks. Besides, we showed that older dogs, as humans, are not so flexibly minded as young ones and it is as complicated for them to get rid of old habits and common knowledge as for us", – told Lisa Wallis from the University of Veterinarian Medicine in Vienna (Austria), says "My Planet".

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Lisa Wallis and her colleagues have been studying what happens with dogs' intellectual abilities with age, investigating so popular on the West phrase: "You can't teach an old dog new tricks".

Scientists organized a group of above 100 dogs and their owners and offered them to take part in a series of memory, logical and skillful games. All these games were held on special computer for dogs that was a monitor with a sensitive screen the dog could touch with nose. The dog should remember pairs of images that were shown on the touch screen and then to choose an excessive or an unknown image.

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Older dogs could develop new skills yet still despite common knowledge that they can't do this, though they did it worse than their young rivals. From the other side, they became wiser with age – they remembered better those things, they had learned earlier. Senior dogs could differ the pictures, they had seen before from those, they didn't know, showing in general higher level of logical thinking.

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All these facts, as the scientists consider, allow speaking about using the dogs for watching how aging influences the memory and for experiments in cognitive abilities development in elderly age.

Regular physical exercising is an excellent anti-age method for your Bully. Learn more in our article about Bulldog sport.

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