Which Dog Collars are Best for English Bulldog?

Choose a Dog Collar for Your Bulldog

Properly chosen English Bulldog dog collar will make walks with your pet comfortable. There is a great variety of dog collar designs at the market and it takes a lot of time and efforts to settle upon a certain model. If you cannot decide which dog collar design to choose, this review of two the most desirable dog collar types will help you to come to a decision.

English Bulldog Leather CollarThe first variant is a hand painted leather collar. Dog accessories of natural leather are bought by the owners who pay great attention to aesthetics and the show of things. This collar is a kind of an art work due to exclusive hand painting. Flame shapes will charm everyone who look at them. This collar is a truly unique accessory because one can't paint the same ornament equally twice.

The paints are water-resistant. They contain no toxicants and are completely safe for dog health. The drawing will not fade with time at proper collar care.

Top-quality leather strap is strong, durable and flexible. All the edges are rounded. The collar is carefully stitched to prevent its early wearing out. Quality sewing will not injure or irritate Bulldog's skin.

The collar width is optimal to control your powerful Bulldog and not to discomfort the dog. The hardware of nickel-plated steel is damage-resistant. The collar is easy to put on due to a standard buckle. There is a D-ring for a lead fastening. Your Bulldog will draw stares of passers-by with the collar every time you go out with the dog.

Best Dog Collar for English BulldogThe second variant is a richly adorned collar. It is handcrafted of full grain natural leather as well. The collar is not rough. Leather width and thickness are ideal to provide Bulldog with comfort and pleasure in wear.

The item is of high reliability and uptime. All metal details are well-processed and have no barbs. Decorative elements of the collar does not cause discomfort to the dog. They are silver-like studs, spikes and large plates of old bronze look. Each metal detail is riveted and will hold securely.

The collar with the adornments reminds a piece of jewelry. The decorations won't bother or hurt Bulldog. The collar is not heavy despite generous adorning. Your Bulldog will not feel inconvenience when wear this collar.

There is a belt buckle to collar the dog easily and a D-ring to fasten the leash. The hardware, spikes and studs are of nickel-plated steel. The plates are of brass. Both alloys are solid and endurable. This dog collar design will emphasize the dog's individuality and will turn it into a local star.

Take properly care of English Bulldog leather collar and it will serve the dog and look like new for a long time.

The instruction of leather collar treatment:

English Bulldog Girl CollarWatch leather collar to be clean and dry. Soft cloth or toothbrush and mild soap solution are used for stubborn dirt. Use dry and clean cloth to wipe leather collar after washing.

Prevent contact with water, direct sunlight, fireplaces and heaters to avoid leather roughness and color fading.

Do not use leather Bulldog collar for bathing, swimming and going outside in heavy rain. If the item is got wet, take a dry cloth, wipe it and leave to dry at room temp.

Direct sunlight is harmful for colored leather collar because it may change color.

Oil the collar from time to time with softcare leather balsam and it will stay soft, flexible and will be in use for longer time.

Hold the collar in a special ventilated bag of natural material (linen, cotton) to keep it from excessive dust, dryness and humidity.

Hold leather collar beyond your Bulldog's reach if it likes chewing.

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