Cutting Bulldog Nails

Why and How to Cut Bulldog Nails?

Bulldog nails grow constantly. If your dog is active and runs all day long not only on lawns, but also on hard surfaces, its nails are worn down naturally and there is no need to cut them. If not, dog nail cutting is a regular procedure, because too long nails influence on Bulldog's movements, causing pain in paws and joints over using. The dog's posture becomes abnormal as a result.

Cutting Bulldog Nails

Well-Groomed English Bulldog Will Always Be Healthy and Beautiful

How Often to Cut Bulldog Nails?

Every 2 weeks. Most Bulldogs need their nails to be cut regularly as short as possible.


Dog nail cutter or trimmer is the main tool.

There are several types of dog nail clippers:

  • Scissors style – suitable for Bulldog puppies and medium Bulldogs with thinner and more flexible nails.
  • Pliers style – for medium and large Bulldogs.
  • Guillotine style – be of different sizes. Suitable for large Bulldogs with thick nails.

Watch the blade quality and handles reliability, which should be convenient to hold, metallic and rubberized when choose the tools. It is strongly not recommended to use human nail grooming tools because they are not robust enough.

Cutting Bulldog Nails

Professional Nail Clipper for Bulldogs

This nail cutter has professional blade. It allows cutting Bulldog nails with one sweep. The blade is produced of stainless steel. It is rust-resistant and safe. Reliable and convenient grip makes the clipper handy in use. Please, consult an experienced groomer if you had never done this procedure before. Cut Bulldog's nails quickly and easily with a professional grooming tool!

You can also use an electric grinder, but very carefully. The procedure takes more time and the noise of the grinder frightens some Bulldogs.

Always keep handy haemostatic remedy.

Praise your Bulldog for good behavior during the procedure and after it whether the dog is got used to nails cutting or not. Use Bulldog treats as a reward.

Bulldog Nails Cutting

The procedure should be done in a room with a good light. Your Bulldog should be calm. If you have a little Bully, you can make it sit on your knees or put it on a table. Large Bulldog is better to be put on the floor, scratch its tummy or hold between your legs – at convenience.

Put on your Bulldog a muzzle if it can bite anyone and ask somebody to hold it during the procedure.

Cutting Bulldog Nails

Safe and Reliable Bulldog Nails Cutter

Start dog nails cutting with hind paws, they are less sensitive than front ones. Dog nails clipping comes easier after Bulldog's bathing because nails become more flexible.

Hold Bulldog's paw carefully, don't scratch it. Press slightly with your two fingers on the dog's toe, holding its paw in your hand and start nails cutting.

Don't forget about dewclaws. Be very careful so that not to cut into the quick. It is easier to see where the quick begins on white nails.

You may have some difficulties with black nails. Cut Bulldog nails carefully piece by piece to the curve of the nail to avoid vessel injury. Don't try to cut the whole length of a black nail at once. Stop nails clipping as soon as you see pink or grey living tissue.

The other way to see where the vessel is to enlighten black nail with a flash light. This method is effective not in all cases.

Cutting Bulldog Nails

Dry Bulldog Treats to Reward After Nails Clipping

If the nail is too long, it doesn't mean it can be cut to the max. The vessel is lengthen with the nail so cut it carefully and gradually. Calm down, treat your Bully and tend the wound if you had hurt the vessel. Continue the procedure only next day. But it is better to be extremely careful not to do this.

When Bulldog's nails had been cut, they should be polished with dog nail file.

How to Teach Your Bulldog to Nails Cutting

Most dogs don't like nails clipping. Some of them have a fear, some show aggression, that is why your Bulldog should be taught to this procedure from the puppyhood. If you hadn't done this and your adult Bulldog doesn't allow cutting its nails, the dog has to be taught to nails cutting step by step.

Your Bully should get used to new feelings when somebody touches its paws and to connect this with something pleasant.

Cutting Bulldog Nails

Interactive Toy with Treats Inside to Entertain Bulldog After Procedure

For the beginning, touch your Bulldog's paw, stroke it for a few seconds. Let your Bulldog understand that there is nothing frightening and painful in the procedure. Then praise and treat the dog. Repeat these actions for 2 days and start acquaintance with dog nail clipper.

Touch your Bulldog's nail with the clipper, but don't do anything. Treat the dog and repeat this action in a few seconds once again. You can start nails cutting this very day, but clip only tips of 1-2 nails watching the response of the dog. Then treat your Bulldog.

If the dog is still nervous and doesn't allow cutting the nails, let it go and calm down. Continue the procedure after a while. You needn't cut all the nails for the first time at once.

Entertain your Bulldog with what it likes to do. Play with the dog, give its favorite toy, go for a walk. The dog will connect the procedure with pleasant things and it will get used to nails clipping after some time.

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Cutting Bulldog Nails Cutting Bulldog Nails Cutting Bulldog Nails

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