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What an Obedient American Bulldog Shouldn't Do?

The happiest dog in the world is an obedient dog! This dog never does anything bad. The owner never shouts at it. Obedient American Bulldog brings only happiness to its family and the other people around.

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American Bulldog is a powerful, self-confident guard dog. Your sweet little puppy will turn into a strong dog in a few months and if you don't train it from the puppyhood, you won't be able to control your year-old Ambulldog. You have to explain your American Bulldog puppy the rules of behavior and communication from the first days it appeared at your home.

What Is Forbidden for Your Ambulldog?

1. American Bulldog is forbidden to bite its owner!

Under no event. Neither when you play, nor when it doesn't want to do something or it is impatient with some everyday procedure. F.e., when you wipe its paws or clean its ears. If American Bulldog puppy still tries to bite you during a game, check in the bud these efforts immediately. Be adamant, take the puppy by the scruff of its neck gently and let it take off the ground with forepaws. Call the puppy over the coals. It doesn't mean what you will tell. You can tell: "No", but the most important is your tone. It should be like a roar, low, but frightful. Continue the game with the puppy's favorite toy as if nothing had happened when it calms down. You show your American Bulldog that it is the toy that can be bitten by doing so.

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You have to punish your puppy in the case when it shows dissatisfaction with roar or grin when you wipe its paws (f.e.). The most important is that you should continue and finish the procedure even if conflict developed when you had been wiping the last paw and the dog hand been already clean. Praise your puppy as if nothing had happened and tell: "Good boy (girl), stand!" - only when you see a humble muzzle of Ambulldog.

2. American Bulldog is forbidden to pull on a leash!

Ambulldog is the dog of a great power as said above. It can make Jeep moving with the help of weight pulling harness if desired. That is why you should explain the rule mentioned above to your dog if you don't want to be traumatized during walks with ill-mannered canine. There 2 positions for the leash: loose and jerk. The owner following must be encouraged. Thus, you teach the dog to change movement speed and to stop with you. Suppress any puppy's attempt of setting the pace and movement direction with a command (f.e., "Walk!") or with leash jerking. It is only you who decide where to go, with what speed to move and when to stop.

3. American Bulldog is forbidden to lean on the owner or other people with forepaws, rearing onto its hind legs!

Ambulldog is not only strong, but also large dog. Adult male dog can put its forepaws, when rears onto hind legs, on shoulders of rather tall man. Man will likely withstand, but woman or child will fall down. That is why don't melt when your puppy jumps on you showing its happiness.

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Suppress any attempt to hug you or someone else this way with strict command or leash jerking down. If the dog is not on the leash at this moment, then you take it by the scruff of its neck unnoticeably for the dog and pull it down. Praise the puppy as soon as it understood that the owner should be greeted only when standing on four paws.

4. American Bulldog is forbidden to pick up and eat from the ground!

Ambulldog has rather strong immunity and health. However, bones and other garbage that is found on the nearest scrapyard aren't beneficial to the dog. That is why you have to put this rule into your little puppy's head. American Bulldog can eat from a bowl, from your hands and on its own cover. Suppress any attempt to pick up a treat from the floor with a strict command "No!" and if the dog is on the leash, with jerking.

5. American Bulldog is forbidden to fight with strange dogs!

Powerful, self-confident and dignified American Bulldog will hardly ever hurt puppies and small dogs. However, even Ambulldog can become a scrapper at lack of good manners. Imagine how seriously a little dog can be injured by furious large American Bulldog of unusual power! Newer allow your dog to roar or to snap at its age mates and much less at older dogs. Let your Bully communicate with more friendly dogs or with dogs of the opposite sex.

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All too often, these are the owners themselves, who if not particularly, but accidently provoke fights when start stroking other dog in front of theirs or when play with two dogs using one toy.

Remember! American Bulldog is the dog that will stand no evident rivals.

This is all the list of main and the most important forbiddances for every American Bulldog. Of course, you can add your own rules to this list. Don't forget to praise and treat your Bully every time it runs your command and you'll have well-mannered, obedient and faithful friend!

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