English Bulldog Collar of Curogan or Stainless Steel

Choose Stainless Steel or Curogan Dog Collar for Bulldog

English Bulldog dog collars of metal serve for obedience training when a trained pet refuses to obey suddenly. Metal dog chain collar has two welded rings at the ends and belongs to chokers. It is tightened up over Bulldog's neck when it pulls on the leash or disobeys. Chain collars are also used for dog shows.

Stainless Steel Dog Chian Collar

The chain is put on Bulldog so that the ring, which is for lead attachment, was placed on the back of the neck. Then the collar will tighten at lead tension only. It is loosen when the leash is not tense.

High-quality metal collars are made of stainless steel and curogan. Let's find out which one to get for your Bulldog?

Stainless steel dog training collar is a very practical tool. It is resistant to corrosion and perfect for use in any weather. The chain won't become rusty after contact with water. The surface of the collar is specially processed to be shiny and to look attractively on the dog. This is the ideal collar for working Bulldog and if you spend much time outside.

All the chain links are welded and polished. The collar is high-tensile and won't break under heavy loads. The metal doesn't cause discoloration, however some Bulldogs may have a reaction even to stainless steel. In this case it is better to choose the chain of curogan.

Curogan Dog Collars

Curogan is nickel-free alloy of copper and tin. It is hypoallergic and safe for skin and coat of the dog. Curogan collar is the very accessory for Bulldog with delicate skin. It won't cause allergy and won't color the dog's light or white hair.

The collar has rich look due to high copper content. The chain will accentuate your Bulldog's beauty.

Curogan collar is break-resistant as each link of the chain is weld. It is honed down to avoid any discomfort and to be absolutely harmless.

Both collars are effective for Bulldog training, solid and intended for long-term use. Which one to purchase depends on your dog's type of skin and your taste.

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