Harness for Bikejoring Choosing

What Is the Best Bikejoring Harness?

Bulldog safety is of utmost importance during bikejoring that is why a harness should be maximum comfortable and harmless for the dog. Here are the harnesses, which are made by professionals and intended for bikejoring.

Bikejoring Harness UK

This harness is super functional and practical gear for your active dog. It is made of nylon, the material, which is light-weighted, dog-friendly and extra strong. Nylon harness is stretch, wear and waterproof. It will resist power of the strongest Bulldog and will keep its shape perfectly.

The harness is suitable for any weather. Rain, snow or wet won't spoil it. Your Bulldog can even swim with the harness on! Quality stitching makes this harness more durable and long-wearing.

There are 4 welded rings of nickel-plated steel, 2 side ones are for muscles building, upper and front - for lead attachment.

The ring on the chest strap will also help to stop Bulldog pulling on the leash. The dog feels discomfort when pulls and stops doing this.

The harness has an ergonomic upper handle for better convenience and control. It is firm and convenient to hold. There are also side patches on Velcro for Bulldog identification.

Adjust the straps if your Bulldog grows up, gains or losses weight. Put on the harness easily with quick-release plastic buckle in several seconds. Remove under belly strap with one click of quick-detach buckle if you needn't it. The strap serves for better harness fit and even loads distribution during physical training.

You can use this harness not only for bikejoring, but also for walking, training, sport and service work.

Bikejoring Harness Dogs

The harness of natural leather is the other model for bikejoring. Leather is of top quality, which is manually selected and processed. The material is hypoallergic and safe for Bulldog's skin and coat.

This leather harness is extra durable, but soft and pleasant to wear. Leather is perfectly oiled and rounded along the edges. Neck straps are double-ply and the harness is reliably sewed for additional strength.

The hardware is of solid brass. Every metal fitting is welded and break-resistant. There are classic buckles for leather straps adjustment, quick-release buckle to harness the dog easily and 3 D-rings. Upper one on a back plate is to attach the leash, side D-rings are for pulling and muscles development.

This harness is suitable also for Bulldog training, tracking, sport and walking. Ergonomic design of this harness for bikejoring allows free movements and breathing. You dog will hardly feel the harness even being with it all day long. Back plate is lined with felt to prevent rubbing. The harness is safe, comfortable and reliable outfit for your strong dog!

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