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Making the Right Decision When Choosing a Dog Harness

May 15, 2013 | Dog Harness | By British Bully

Before you buy this accessory for your English Bulldog you need to study out the abundance of English Bulldog Harnesses, which are for sale today and to decide what do you want the dog harness for. Whether you want walking dog harness, tracking dog harness, pulling dog harness, designer dog harness or a multiple one?

English Bulldog Harness UK

English Bulldog with All-Weather Nylon Harness

The principal difference between dog harness and dog collar is that there is no compression on your dog's airways during some exercise loads (when your English Bulldog, for example, is pulling on the leash). It is the prime advantage of dog harness UK. Dog harness, unlike a collar, allows also to spread a load on the dog's locomotor system more evenly.

When choosing the dog harness, first of all, you need to pay attention on the material, it is made of. Thus, leather dog harness is very strong and durable, but leather stretches when it got wet, becomes more rough and less durable when it dries out.

Dog harnesses, made of cotton canvas, have a number of essential faults: cotton canvas is perishable and undurable material, quickly becomes wet, quickly soiled and hard-to-clean. However, it has no stretching coefficient, unlike leather.

English Bulldog Harnesses UK

Leather Harness with Welded Rings and Super Strong Buckles

Nylon dog harness is wet-resistant, easy-to-clean, has no stretching coefficient, timeproof and extra durable.

When buy a dog harness UK for your English Bulldog, turn your mind not only on a material it is made of, but also on stitches and studs quality. It is important to pay careful attention on rings and buckles. Ideally, the ring should be cast. If the ring is welded, then pay attention on welding quality as a product quality directly depends on it. Some manufacturers make only galvanic coating on these rings, which maintain a semblance of welding. There are also split rings (the ring ends are fastened with nothing).

English Bulldog Harness with Handle

English Bulldog Nylon Harness for Multifunctional Use

The ring quality is only a detail for small dogs, which wear designer dog harnesses like fashionable dog accessories. Toy Terrier will walk equally whether with welded or with split ring. If English Bulldog will do a good pulling, then split ring will turn into a piece of wire. That is why, some manufacturers equip walking dog harness with two rings to secure themselves against all risks.

The next important moment - buckles (fasteners). As a rule, metal is used for their production, plastic is used rarer. Metal buckles (fasteners) are generally of two types – traditional (as on a trousers belt) and a length regulator (it is used on parachute belts and on military equipment). The last one, by the way, is the most convenient and the strongest buckle.

English Bulldog Best Harness

English Bulldog with Extra Durable and Safe Leather Harness

When you are finally managed with your choice, there exists a "slight hitch": it is necessary to account your English Bulldog's age and application of dog harness UK. If you are going to use dog harness for K9 training, agitation-protection leather dog harness or reflective dog harness for English Bulldogs should fit. You may also use these harnesses just walking a dog with wide leather dog leash UK or with nylon leash for English Bulldogs.

If you are going to use dog harness for obedience training and daily walking, multipurpose nylon harness for Bulldogs or leather dog harness for walking and tracking, which is equipped with three welded rings and allows to spread the loading on your English Bulldog evenly, will fit perfectly.

English Bulldog Dog Harness

Designer Harness for English Bulldog Walks in Style

We hope that our article helped you to make the right decision in choosing the best dog harness for your English Bulldog. For more information and products for English Bulldogs, just browse our online English Bulldog Store.

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