Which Prong Collar for Bulldog to Choose?

How to Choose Prong Collar for Bulldog?

Pinch or prong collars are intended for hard to train Bulldogs. They serve for behavioral issues correction of trained Bulldogs. Never use a pinch collar to make training easier for you! Prong collar is not used for daily walking and basic obedience training.

High-quality prong collar is harmless when used properly. It acts in the same way when mother-dog punished a Bulldog puppy biting it slightly at the scruff of the neck.

Prong Collar for BulldogHow does pinch collar work? The prongs press on Bulldog's neck at leash pulling or jerking. The collar doesn't put pressure constantly. Prongs are polished and have no sharp ends. There are pinch collars with short and long prongs. The larger your Bulldog is the longer prongs you have to choose.

Prong collars are produced with and without leather or nylon parts. Which one to get for your Bulldog?

Metal prong collar for Bulldog is put on and off by detaching 2 prongs. It is fitted with a solid chain and 2 weld rings. They are for leash attachment. You get a choker if to attach a lead to the first ring. The collar is tightened around Bulldog's neck at tension.

The second way of the leash connection is with the other ring. The collar tightening is always stable in that case. This method of lead fastening is recommended in first weeks of the collar using when you start Bulldog training. It helps to come in contact with your dog. A quite another matter is when Bulldog refuses to obey and you have to use the first way.

English Bulldog Pinch CollarPinch collar with leather or nylon strap has a quick-release buckle. It helps to collar the dog with one click. The buckle is break-resistant and reliable. It won't unlock even at heavy loads. Nylon or leather part makes it safe for you to fasten a prong collar and saves your time.

How to use pinch collar?

  • Never leave your Bulldog alone with the pinch collar on.
  • Choose a correct size of the pinch collar and it won't hurt Bulldog.
  • Never try to put the pinch collar on over Bulldog's head, otherwise you may cause injuries to the pet's eyes.
  • Wear the collar behind Bulldog's ears and under the jaw line.
  • The collar is used for Bulldog training only and not for walking.
  • Don't leave your Bulldog tightened on the lead with the collar on.
  • Pinch collar doesn't suit for Bulldog puppy under 6 months. It can hurt neck and trachea.

Ask advice of experienced dog trainer before prong collar purchasing. Use the collar under trainer's control if required.

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