Best Dog Collar Brand

Which Brand of English Bulldog Collar to Choose?

English Bulldog dog collar is an indispensable attribute of your pet's everyday life. You need to take into account many things when buy a collar and a brand is the main one. How to choose the producer of the collar among a great variety offered?

Best Dog Collar BrandYou know that leather collar is the excellent variant for Bulldog. There are two reputable dog collar brands, which produce top-quality leather collars. They make these accessories from full grain genuine leather that contains no harmful impurities. Their collars are dog-friendly, durable and exceptionally good. Let's find out more about them.

ForDogTrainers is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-class dog supplies. Even the most exacting clients are satisfied with FDT collars. Each leather collar is 100% natural. Leather strap is manually selected and well-processed. It is durable, tearproof, but soft and flexible. Real leather has no unpleasant smell and is perfect for Bulldogs with sensitive or allergic skin. It does''t cause discomfort, rubbing or cutting into the dog's neck because the edges are polished and waxed.

The collar is fitted with nickel-plated steel buckle and D-ring. The details are solid and break-resistant. Nickel covering adds more durability and makes steel rustproof. It prolongs service life of the hardware and keeps its decorative look.

Best Dog Collar Brand UKThe buckle is of traditional design. It is easy and reliable in use. The D-ring is for leash attachment. It is suitable for any type of snap hook. Every metal detail is fixed with a rivet and won't fall away.

Nickel-plated steel fittings won't damage under Bulldog pulling strength. They provide reliable control over the dog during its daily activities. The metal doesn't color Bulldog coat. You can get the collar with nickel-plated fitments and adornments if the dog is not allergic to nickel.

Artisan is the brand of posh collars. This collection of outstanding accessories is produced by ForDogTrainers. FDT Artisan collars are made by hands of premium-class genuine leather. The collars are hard-wearing and durable. Leather processing is the finest to provide Bulldog with utmost comfort during a collar wearing. FDT Artisan collar is pleasant to the touch and safe for the dog because leather contains no toxicants and has no rough edges.

Dog Collar Brands UKThe collar has chrome-plated hardware. It is a belt buckle for handy use and a weld D-ring for lead connection. They are sturdy, glossy and nice-looking. Chrome-plated steel is the alloy, which can become rusty under the influence of water. High-quality details are protected with double coating: nickel first and then chromizing to provide maximum protection from corrosion.

The collar will endure power of your Bulldog and won't tear for years. It fits for any activity and occasion. You will enjoy the quality and perfect look of this collar. If your Bulldog's hair is tend to be colored of metal details, it is better to choose the collar with nickel-plated details.

Collars of both brands are of the highest quality. It depends on your taste which one to get. We will gladly help you in choosing the right Bulldog collar. We treat each case individually.

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