Why Do We Love Our Bulldogs Like Children?

Why Do Many People Perceive Their Bulldogs as Children?

Why do you melt when look into your Bulldog's eyes? How can this living being give so much happiness, love and pleasure? Finally, even the craziest dog fancier understands that Bully is not her child and there is no human DNA in its blood.

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Bulldogs Are Like Children, That's Why We Love Them

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So why the dog's look evocates tenderness? Recently the research, which had been proved by scientists, with the answer to this question was published in the Science. Now the reason of humans' love to their fore-footed pets has come to light. Turns out, this is because of hormone oxytocin, which is known otherwise than "love" hormone.

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Japanese scientists had found that when we look into the dog's eyes and the dog looks into our eyes oxytocin is evolved in both. This is like a response of  a "parent-child" connection.

Beyond that, scientists were proved that wolves don't have a response of oxytocin emission. As a result, it may be assumed that dogs had been developed in the process of domestication conforming to people and maximum profit of their acceptance.

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Japanese scientist Takefumi Kikusu from the Azabu University says: "Perhaps, the dogs have "stolen" featly and unwittingly a biological mechanism of the parent-child connection."

So what to do when your Bulldog puppy will look into your eyes again? Feel the stab of joy and know this is love.

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