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April 18, 2013 | English Bulldog | By British Bully

English Bulldog is a showy, massive breed with original and awesome appearance - this dog is always the focus of attention. You can like or dislike this breed, but you can't stay apart and compel your admiration for them.

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Someone feels delight and adoration to this wrinkled and unusually charming muzzle, and someone is filled with horror at the sight of such a breed and shouts: "What a disgrace!" But I fancy that if you had not taken a shine to these amazing dogs at first sight, you would surely take a shine to these friendly and cheerful creatures when interacting to them.

In spite of quite awesome appearance, being accompanied by the frowning grunting, which the dog makes at breath because of its shortened nose, English Bulldog is very compliant and kind, likes children and takes part in games with great pleasure.

English Bulldog Breed Standard

English Bulldogs are very smart and dignified. It has been well said that temperament of English Bulldog is a true reflection of the British spirit and temperament.

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General appearance. English Bulldog is a compact, massive and stout looking thick-set dog with smooth coat, broad chest and short sturdy limbs. The skull is broad and massive; the muzzle is short, wide and is turned upward.

Color of coat. The color of coat is uniform (maximally bright and pure tones) – solid red, fawn or fallow, brindle, solid white and piebald (composition of white color with any of listed above colors). A "mask" or a "muzzle" is desirable, especially when English Bulldog has uniform color.

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Skull. The skull should be very large – the larger, the better (should measure at least the height of the dog in circumference).

Tail. The tail should be "screwed", hung low, with download carriage. It should be terete and smooth, without any dewlap or brush. The tail is of moderate length – it is better the tail to be of short, than of long length, - thick root and taper tip.

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Feet. The feet should be round and compact. The front feet may be straight or slightly out-turned. Toes should be strong, well split up, with high knuckles and very short stubby nails.

If you are interested in getting more information about these marvelous dogs, read our article English Bulldog: breed characteristics.

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