French Bulldog Reverse Sneezing

What Is Reverse Sneezing and How to Help Your French Bulldog?

Reverse sneezing is quite widespread syndrome of French Bulldog breed, which frightens many owners. It a spasm of breathing, when French Bulldog tries to breathe in the air instead of breathing out as at sneezing. These quick pants come together with snoring and grunting. The dog's body becomes tensed during this spasm. French Bulldog may crane the neck, toughen chest muscles, lie on the belly or squat with its forepaws. The spasm may last from a few seconds to a few minutes, but it lasts for a minute on average.

French Bulldog Reverse Sneezing

French Bulldog May Be Liable to Reverse Sneezing

The Reasons of Reverse Sneezing

Some vets say that this syndrome is caused by nervous system overexcitement, aggressive odors breathing or foreign objects in airways, however, these theories aren't experimentally-confirmed. It is also suggested that French Bulldogs with anatomic defects of nasal pharynx structure, soft palate hypertrophy, allergy and virus infection may have reverse sneezing.

Should You Consult a Vet if Your French Bulldog Has Reverse Sneezing?

If an attack of reverse sneezing had happened with your Frenchie once, you may consult a vet for examination of your Bulldog's health. It is necessary to tell your vet that this was a one-off event. Remember that timely vet visiting may prevent a risk of serious disease development, such as brachycephalic syndrome. It is not worth clothing your eyes to odd behavior of your Frenchie.

French Bulldog Backwards Sneeze

French Bulldog's Health Depends on Your Care

Visit the vet without fail if your Bully is attacked by reverse sneezing several times a day, the time of attacks is lengthen, they are repeated oftener and nothing helps your dog. In this case French Bulldog has more than likely some co-existing disease, which causes reverse sneezing.

How to Help French Bulldog During Reverse Sneezing Attack?

  • Stroke your dog under the lower jaw and in the area of its throat. This will cause swallowing reflex, relax throat muscles and will help to normalize breathing.
  • Fix carefully your Frenchie's head with one hand and close the nostrils with fingers of the other hand. The dog will open its mouth to breathe in and out and as a result the attack will be stopped.
  • Blow strongly in the dog's nostrils.

Try catch on video your dog during the attack. This will be very helpful for the vet to identify if your French Bulldog has reverse sneezing attacks or the symptom of the other illness.

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