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How to make your Bulldog's activities joyful and interesting? Get a dog toy for your beloved pet! Dog toys help Bulldog to perceive the world around, to develop mental and biting skills, to save your things from being spoiled. Your Bulldog will always be engaged in fun dog games any time and at any place you take the dog toy!

What is the best dog toy for Bulldog? We offer rubber dog balls, dog balls on rope, soft dog balls, dog toys with bell inside, dog training toys, dog chew toys for Bulldog's oral care, Starmark Academy dog toys, dog fetch balls of dura foam, dog feeding balls and even small soccer balls for Bulldog games! Wide choice of dog toys for any taste and purchase is available in our online shop!

All our dog toys are absolutely safe for Bulldog's health as they are made of non-toxic materials and contain no harmful impurities! We guarantee quality of our dog toys so you can be sure that our dog toy will serve your Bully for a long time! Play with your English Bulldog, American Bulldog or French Bulldog and make dog games joyful for you both!

English Bulldog Puppy Toys

How to choose a dog toy? It depends on the dog's age, taste and the purpose of use. Bulldog toys are also divided for inside and outside usage. Squeaky dog toys, dog treat dispensers, soft dog toys, dog chew toys are for indoor use. Frisbee disks, fetch dog toys, dog training toys are for outdoor use.

What toy is best for my dog?

1. Dog toys for chasing - various dog balls, which are made of rubber. These toys may be solid or hollow inside.

2. Dog toy squeakers - emit sound when squeezed.

3. Dog treat toys - used for Bulldog training and interactive games. These toys are of various sizes and shapes with hole (holes) for treats.

Rubber Dog Ball

4. Dog chew toys - perfect for Bulldogs, which like chewing and for puppies during second dentition.

5. Tug of war dog toys - develop full mouth grip, but they are allowed only for Bulldogs with fully formed bite (no earlier Bulldog's age of 1-1.5 years). Newer allow your Bulldog to play with such toys alone. It can tear them and swallow parts.

6. Dog training toys - bite tugs, dumbbells, training balls etc.

7. Soft dog toys - choose only specialized toys for Bulldogs. Soft toys for children aren't suitable as they have small plastic details, which can be swallowed by your dog. Don't leave Bulldog unsupervised with soft dog toy as the dog can tear it and eat stuffing or parts of fabric.

Bulldog Dog Toys

8. Dog toys that fly - dog frisbee disks or toys. They are suitable for active Bulldogs.

9. Dog dental care toys - intended for dental hygiene, oral care and teeth cleaning during chewing.

How to buy dog toys? Remember, when you buy Bulldog toys, they should be convenient for the dog to hold in mouth. Don't scold or punish Bulldog if it broke the toy. The dog should have several various toys to feel happy, but don't give them all to your Bulldog at once. One per day will be enough. Bulldog toys not only bring joy into your dog's life, but also develop it mentally and physically!

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