All Breeds National Championship UK 2019

Our Sponsorship of All Breeds Nationals

All Breeds National Championship and WUSV/FCI Qualifier Trial were organized by Saltire Schutzhund Group on April 6-7, 2019.

WUSV/FCI Qualifier TrialVenue: Darvel Juniors Football Club, Scotland.

Tracking Judge: Ad Van Yperen

Obedience and Protection Judge: lgor Lengvarsky

Short Work Helper: John Padden

Long Work Helper: Danny Roberts

Reserve Helper: Mark Rigby

Tracker Layers: Ian James, Brian Keenan, Danny Roberts

Trial Secretary: Dorothy Bannerman

Trial Manager: John Monaghan

All Breeds National Championship UK 2019Tracking Manager: Agnes Crawford

The trials were sponsored by ForDogTrainers.

We donated:

£50 voucher for the 1st place to Edmond Kan, dog - Yuna vom Rosseleck (GSD)

£30 voucher for the 2nd place to Henriette Bohnstedt, dog - Argonne Hawk (GSD)

£20 voucher for the 3rd place to Robert Chapman, dog - Lelaurier Koh I Noor (GSD)

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Look at some pictures from the Championship:

All Breeds National UK

Linda Gammon

All Breeds National UK

Ross Heron

All Breeds National UK

Henriette Bohnstedt

All Breeds National UK

Jamie Bows

All Breeds National UK

Robert Chapman

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