English Bulldog Care

How to Take Care of Your English Bulldog?

May 4, 2013 | Bulldog Care | By British Bully

Care is a very important part in English Bulldog's lifetime. You need to pay constant attention to the dog's hygiene if you want to avoid unpleasant procedures at the vet.

English Bulldog Care UK

English Bulldog Collar for Easy and Safe Walking

English Bulldog will not need frequent bathing, no more frequently, than once a year. The main and important thing is everyday brushing with bristle brush and special cloth for dog grooming. When necessary, you can use dry shampoos and special lotions. It will help you to keep your dog's wool in excellent condition and will make it even more similar to soft toy.

English Bulldog needs special wrinkle care – you need to clean its wrinkles with specially wet wipes every day. You also need to use special eye and ear care drops for Bulldog regularly. Special toothpastes with herbs for animals will help you to keep your pet's teeth, gums and fresh breathing.

English Bulldog needs specially balanced diet from the early puppyhood as it grows and gains weight very quickly. It also needs good supply of minerals to have sturdy bone structure. Don't forget to take into account the exact mix of all the components, including chondroitin, as these dogs often have joints problems with age.

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English Bulldog Leash for Walks with Pleasure

English Bulldog should be in good keep as it is the breed card, but the dog shouldn't be fat, as it, except non-aesthetic appearance, may cause problems in cardiovascular system and will make it difficult for Bulldog to breathe. You know that trouble breathing is Bulldog's weak point. The best way is to use super premium dry dog food such as AKANA, ROYAL CANIN, FEST CHOISE, HILLS and others, which were specially developed for English Bulldog breed or for large dog breeds.

Ambient temperature plays great part in "British" lifestyle. English Bulldog is very sensitive to heat. Heaven forbid you to lock the dog in your car in summer!!! Walk English Bulldog only early in the morning or in the evening after the sunset in the heat. It is necessary to take a bottle of water for a walk.

In winter you need to put on your pet a special outdoor vest harness for walking. It will help you to protect your English Bulldog from overcooling. Bulldog's bed surely has to be soft and protected from draughts.

English Bulldog Clothes UK

English Bulldog with All-Weather Vest Nylon Harness

When you buy English Bulldog puppy, don't hesitate to ask breeder, vet or handler questions. This will help you to avoid a plenty of problems. Thus, correct education and breeding gives you the true "British" – the quintessence of vigor, strength and original beauty, well-bred companion and a lot of pleasure.

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