English Bulldog Body Language

How to Read Bulldog Body Language?

You can communicate with your Bulldog not only through the commands. You look at your dog every day, pet and play with it. Not every Bulldog owner can understand its behavior at once. What does each glance of your Bulldog mean, its coming up and going away? Now it is putting a head on your knee or lying in a corner. What do the movements and actions of your dog mean? How to get in contact with Bulldog and to understand it? An electronic interpreter or encyclopedia won't help. The owner should understand the dog right here, right now, immediately and at a glance. We often do not understand English Bulldog language and behavior because of so many differences and sometimes even opposites between us.

English Bulldog Body LanguageLooking Away

For example, your Bulldog does not look into your eyes and looks away. This doesn't mean that the dog does not want to communicate with you! Direct look is the sign of danger and aggression in their language. You should not use direct eye to eye contact and look directly at your dog's eyes. Yes, your pet can show wisdom and twist out of your arms at this eye attack. You are the leader for Bulldog and this will mean getting away from aggression. But what if it is a strange dog? And your Bulldog may hold against you because of your aggressive actions.

Belly Showing

Sometimes your Bulldog lays down on its back and shows belly after you stroked it. The dog may even pee involuntary. Don't scold it under any circumstances - this is the sign of absolute trust and submission to the owner and the leader. You do the maths, a belly is the most tender part of the dog's body. If the dog shows its belly, this is the sign that it delivers itself to your will.

English Bulldog Body LanguageSmiling Bulldog

What does it mean when your Bulldog "smile"? Sometimes it really seems that the dog is smiling as if it is gladdened by your coming or for some other reason. You will be surprised but this is the other sign of submission! Opened mouth and its stretched edges, ears a bit laid back and maybe even bent front legs - these are the signs of the Bulldog's submission. If the dog jumps on you and barks, jumps up and down on its hind legs, leans on you or lands on its front legs to push itself off the ground again, it wants to stir you up, to give some of its activity and to play with you right now. Bulldog doesn't want to attack you at all and this is not the sign of a threat. The dog just wants to play.

Bulldog Body LanguageBulldog Growls, Shows Teeth

We will describe the situation when the dog can show its aggression. For example, this is related to the bone that Bulldog took out of its bowl or to your thing, which the dog had chosen for a game. Will you grab the bone that your Bulldog chews and put into the bowl? The dog will look tense and its body will be ready for attack or jump. The head will go a little lower, the ears will lay back, Bulldog will look sidewise at your coming and maneuvers, it can even show teeth. Be careful! The dog is about to wrinkle the muzzle and to growl. Bulldog will spring on the fore feet and its coat on the scruff will bristle. It is not joking and will bite you in a second. Yes, Bulldog may regret its behavior later, but the dog is bent on doing at the moment! Don't train your pet this way, it shouldn't show you aggression. Bulldog may way out of line and it won't warn you for so long next time.

How to Read Bulldog Body LanguageAggression Caused by Fear

There are many videos around the web where dog owners put on masks and frighten their pets. Bulldog may feel a rumble of fear in this case. The dog can nestle sideway against a wall, growl and click teeth. Bulldog shows its intentions, but there is little chance the dog will try to attack. Anyhow we not recommend you to turn away from Bulldog.

Bulldog Turns Sideways To You

Let us suppose that you talk on discipline with your Bulldog, but in the midst of educational process the dog turns sideway and it looks like it doesn't care a whit about you. A sharp desire arises to stop this naughty animal, pull on the leash and make it sit and listen to you! No! You refract Bulldog's behavior! The dog sees you anger and everything it can do is to try to calm you down by turning sideways so that you hadn't think it was aggression and disobedience when the pet had been sitting and looking at you. Bulldog denies any interference with territory etc. All the dog wants to do is to give its calm to you.

Dog Body Language BulldogTurn Attention to Tail

We advise to turn your mind to the pet's tail as well. This is the most speaking detector of dog behavior! Bulldog can affirm its love for you with tail. Just look how your Bully wags its tail when you come home! The tail may even spin around! And if the tail is got down between hind paws, this means submission to the leader or a stronger one. Such a behavior in the presence of the other dogs (outside) may be a demonstration of Bulldog's low social standing, self-esteem, place in a pack, hierarchy. Dogs have their own society, places, self rating and temper. Some dogs are able to protect, others, on the contrary need protection.

Barking and Yelp

Intonation and tonality are important features of Bulldog barking. You can easily distinguish cheerful bark from aggressive growl. The dog can yelp when it misses or asks to go for a walk. This is not a human speech, but almost clear language.

French Bulldog Body LanguageConclusions for the Leader

Be attentive in relation to your Bulldog. Take notice of its actions. Don't try to make comparisons between human and dog behavior. Bulldog lives in a pack as a social animal and your task is to be the leader of this pack. The leader should understand the language of his followers beyond question. You will become an expert of dog language with time.

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