Dog Bite Tug Training

Why and How to Use Dog Bite Tugs?

When to start bite training of your Bulldog? Some dog trainers consider that grip development should started not earlier than in the age of 1 year. Most Bulldog owners are sure that many exercises are useful at earlier age.

Both of them are right. Full mouth grip development is begun after the age 12 and even 16 months. But start dog bite grip building of your Bulldog from puppyhood. The earlier, the better. There are special game exercises, which prepare Bulldog to further protective work. One of such exercises is dog bite tug training.

Dog Bite Tugs UK

Fire Hose Bite Tug for Young Bulldog Training

Dog bite tug is training tool of durable material with or without stuffing (bite rag, bite roll). Dog bite tugs are with or without handles. They are made of various materials, but it is better to choose the bite tugs, which are made by professionals of such materials as natural jute, genuine leather, fire hose and French Linen. These fabrics are hard-wearing and safe for dog's teeth and health.

Start Bulldog bite training in the age of 3-4 months. The first thing you should do is to build up aspiration of your Bulldog puppy to run after you to bite the tug. Hold it horizontally at the dog's muzzle level, don't wave it from side to side. Leave the bite tug when the puppy will grab it at once.

American Bulldog Bite Training

Leather Bite Tug for Bulldog Bite Grip Development

It is forbidden to pull the bite tug strongly, to snatch it from Bulldog's jaws. If the puppy will have unpleasant influence at this age, it can harm further grip development.

Train your Bulldog puppy a little. Repeat exercise 3-4 times during a walk, but don't allow the puppy to be tired.

You can begin to resist the puppy, to play dog tug of war in process of Bulldog bite grip building. Let the puppy win and retrieve the tug at the end of each exercise.

Dog Bite Tug Training

Jute Bite Tug for Adult Bulldog Training

You can begin to train the puppy to leave the bite tug at the command "Leave" when it will learn to chase the tool actively, to stand up for the item and to hold the tug in its mouth strongly. Do this after your winning puppy will run for a while with the bite tug in its jaws.

Start using working dog bite tug for obedience training after your Bulldog puppy has strong interest to chase it. Hold the bite tug right before you at waist level to train your Bulldog to come at command. Hold the bite tug leftward to train Bulldog to move alongside of you. Encourage the puppy before giving it the bite tug after small distance running.

Working Dog Bite Tugs

French Linen Tug for Bulldog Bite and Retrieve Training

Regularity is important in work with dog bite tug as well as in obedience training. If you train your Bulldog 5-10 minutes, the result will be not long in coming. The main thing is to do this every day.

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