English Bulldog: Breed Characteristics and Care

Main Characteristics Of English Bulldog Breed

April 20, 2013 | Bulldog Breed | By British Bully

 There are cars, and there are "Mercedes".
There are dogs, and there are English Bulldogs.
English Bulldog fanciers' proverb.

Bulldog, "bull dog", (from Engl. bull-dog, "bull" and "dog") - is a selected breed and, we even may say, that it is "a secondary selected breed". The fact is that Bulldog ancestors were used for bull baiting (hence the name of the breed), and when this, so-called, "sport" was outlawed, the breed was almost disappeared.

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However, in the middle of the XIX century, Bulldogs were "raised" by efforts of enthusiasts and not for fights any more, but as a quintessence of "British style". So, today the hero of our story is considered a national British dog. At selection only the most mentally stabled and good-tempered subjects were picked over; also in course of time the exterior had undergone changes – so a modern English Bulldog is not a bull murderer any more, but it is a fancy "Companion Dog", one of the family, loyal to children and pets.

English Bulldog has more likely phlegmatic temperament. Joky characteristics of "the British" - it is a "couch-guardian dog", "being asleep round the clock" – reflect its calm and good-tempered nature. However, it is a well-known fact that English Bulldog will fall into "red alert" in the split seconds if it suddenly feels danger.

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English Bulldog is characterized by obstinacy. And if to use this dog's feature in a smart way, it becomes "the insistence in pursuing a goal". "One-eyed" master will lose his heart in the course of the dog's training and a wise master, having understood the dog's psychology, will achieve considerable success into this. The main thing is to have a way with your dog! After all, it was not only a smart face…sorry, smart muzzle, thanks to which English Bulldog John had been honored to take a picture with Sir Winston Churchill!

The other English Bulldog breed characteristic are connected to the breed physiology. "Owing" to a short muzzle, the representatives of this glorious breed snore, they also have difficulty breathing during run and are prone to respiratory diseases. That is why comfortable daily use wire muzzle for English Bulldog will be perfect for walks with your pet.

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In a heat English Bulldog can suffer from heat stroke that is why you cannot make it move quickly in humid conditions by no means! If your pet has already had heat stroke, first of all you need to remove slime and drool, which make it difficult your dog to breath, out of its nose and jaw. But if you hadn't exposed your English Bulldog to high physical activities, heat wouldn't be of a great trouble for Bulldog. After all, "the British symbol" prefers easy "aristocratic" walks, wearing a fashionable collar.

The key requirement is in keeping balanced feeding of your English Bulldog. No sausages, smocked, rich or sweet food – all these products can cause allergic reaction. Summarizing the topic of English Bulldog health, it is worth mentioning that most often this breed suffers from cardiovascular, skin and allergic diseases.

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In general, Bulldog depends on human. About 94% bitches have difficult delivery through the Caesarian operation because of the constitution of their pelvis. Even to scratch itself is a problem for Bulldog that is why you need to massage your dog from time to time.

English Bulldogs live 8-10 years that is less than age of the other breeds. But with a good care and genetics, the representatives of "bulldog tribe" attain the age of 15.

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Those, who had a deal with English Bulldogs, are sure that this breed is the next stage in dog's evolution as Bulldog's intelligence is in line with developmental level of a child of twelve! Sometimes, Bulldog wants to be alone and in such moments it has romantically-thoughtful expression. If Bulldog wants to keep a company with the owner, it will never thrust itself forward when it feels that it risks drawing away its master. Many people, unfortunately, have a lack of such tact! They were probably Bulldog's fanciers, who had been coined such a proverb: "The better I know people, the more I like dogs".

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