Safe Bulldog Treats

Choose Safe and Healthy Treats for Your Bulldog

Bulldog owners like to give their dogs treats, to encourage them during training for good behavior and for no reason, in fact. The right choice of dog treats will help to keep your Bully healthy and to make it happy. Gourmet foods can raise energy value of healthy diet and should never be more than 10% of Bulldog's daily ration.

Crunchy Dog Treats

There is a great variety of hard and crunchy treats for British Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, American Bulldogs and similar breeds. You can choose a flavor, a shape and a size of treats at your choice and your Bulldog's taste.

Safe Bulldog Treats

Long-Lasting Organic Dog Chew Treats

The size of the treat should fit the size of your Bully. Remember that treats you buy for the dog should comply with the quality standards.

Soft Dog Treats

Soft dog chew treats are also produced in a variety of sizes, shapes and flavors. They are perfect for Bulldog training. It's very convenient to use small pieces during education as an immediate reward.

Jerky and Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

These treats are similar to human food, especially when they are made for dogs. Meat, liver, poultry, seafood and other flavors are usually available for such dog treats. Many Bulldog owners choose them to increase the effectiveness of dog training because of their tasty smell.

Natural Dog Chew Treats

Natural dog chew treats are made of organic ingredients only and are vitamin- and mineral-enriched. The majority of experts consider them to be good for Bulldog's oral care. But they can cause digestive blocking if gulped.

Safe Bulldog Treats

Indestructible Dog Toy to Hold the Treats

Use special dog treat holders and dog feeding toys to prevent such occasions. Choose also an appropriate size of the dog chewing treat according to the size and age of your Bulldog.

Animal Bones

You shouldn't give your Bully animal bones because they can lead to teeth spoiling and chipping, digestive injuries and blocking. Any kinds of animal bones are harmful for Bulldogs, but the most dangerous are poultry bones even if they are cooked. Give your Bulldog special dog chew bones, dog chewing treats or dental dog treats instead of animal bones or hooves.

Pig Ears

Bulldogs like to chew pig ears, but they are too hard for them, furthermore, they can also be processed with chemicals that can be unsafe for dogs. It's better to avoid giving pig ears to Bulldogs because this can lead to obesity.

Rawhide Dog Treats

Rawhide is also not recommended for Bulldogs. It is made of animal hides, which are chemically modified as usual. As a result - gastrointestinal distresses and other health issues. It's better to treat Bulldog with dog dental chews. Yes, there are special rawhide dog treats developed by vets, which are good for dogs' digestion and health, but ask your veterinarian before give them to your dog.

Human Food

Not all human food is good for Bulldogs and other dogs at all. It is better to avoid treating your Bully with cheese, sausages, biscuits and other similar food. Carrot, apple, lean meat, poultry, seafood can be wholesome for the dog. Pay attention, these treats shouldn't contain spices and sauces. Grape, raisins and onion are absolutely forbidden to give because these products are poisonous for them. Garlic can also be dangerous, so give it to your dog carefully directed by the vet.

Diet Dog Treats

Special diet dog treats are perfect for Bulldogs, which are prone to obesity. It's better to consult with your vet about the right way of giving such treats to the dog. Keep a close eye on your Bulldog's nutrition and it will always be healthy, cheerful and full of energy.

Safe Bulldog Treats

All-Natural Interactive Treats for Healthy Nutrition

This dry dog food for supplemental feeding is healthy and wholesome. It contains natural ingredients and has no artificial additives. These treats are safe for Bulldog digestive organs. They are perfectly suitable for treat dispensers to make Bulldog feeding gradual and measured. Insert the kibble into a treat dispensing dog toy and give it to a dog. Your Bully will play with the toy and get tasty delicacies piece by piece. The dog will feel happy and won't overeat. Develop your Bulldog mentally and physically with the memory of its health!

See also special treat toys and interactive feeders for Bulldogs, click on the pictures!

Safe Bulldog Treats Safe Bulldog Treats Safe Bulldog Treats

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