How to Travel with Bulldog?

Can You Travel with Your Bulldog?

If you want your Bulldog to accompany you as often as possible, then you need to train a dog to travel from the puppyhood and to get info about possibility of its transporting to those places where you go. Here are several tips to avoid unpleasant situations.

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Before Leaving on a Journey

Check actuality of all vaccinations a month to go before your leaving. Take Bulldog to a vet if it needs revaccination. Special Bulldog flea collars help to reduce the likelihood of ticks and other external parasites infesting. If your Bulldog isn't got used to rocky terrain, oil its paws with special lotion to make them less sensitive.

De-worm your Bulldog and prepare dog first aid kit 2 weeks prior (minimum). You should get Bulldog health certificate from the vet if you go abroad with the dog.

A Day Before Leaving on a Journey

Feed your Bulldog with lite dry dog kibble about 10 hours before you leave to minimize the risk of vomiting. Don't feed the dog during the travel if it doesn't exceed 12 hours. Prepare necessary Bulldog supplies to take care of the dog in the place of arrival: Bulldog feeder and water bowl, a rug for rest and Bulldog grooming brush.

On the Day of Leaving

If your Bulldog has slight car sickness or is anxious, give it antiemetic or sedating medications, which is prescribed by the vet. Walk the dog before leaving.

Bulldog Feeding During a Travel

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There is no need to change Bulldog food to avoid extra stress. If after all changes are necessary, new food should be added 3 weeks before the travel minimum. Keep usual schedule of Bulldog feeding during the vacation: 1-2 times a day depending on a habit. The quantity of Bulldog food depends on the dog's activity. Let the dog drink more often when the weather is hot.

Bulldog in a Hotel

Check out rules of stay in the hotel:

  • warn hotel employee that you go with the dog when you book a room;
  • don't leave the dog alone in the room and walk it 3 times a day minimum;
  • keep Bulldog on a lead when you are in the hotel;
  • don't allow the dog to bark loudly;
  • arrange bedding for your Bulldog in the room corner, but not on a bed or a sofa.

Bulldog in a Restaurant

Feed your Bully before going the restaurant to avoid begging at a table. Ask a cook beforehand to prepare food for your Bulldog if it eats natural food like "rice-meat-vegetables" if the restaurant is in the hotel. Reserve a separate table, which is closer to the exit if possible so that your dog and other visitors felt comfortable.

Bulldog in a Car

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Follow the next rules to avoid unpleasant situations in the car:

Don't feed the dog 10 hours before the travel, but water it. Give your Bulldog antiemetic or sedating medications, which were prescribed by the wet.

Don't allow your Bulldog to stick its head out of the car window as this may cause eyes or ears irritation. It is reasonable to stop every 2 hours during a long trip to give the dog an opportunity to walk and to do the deeds.

Attention! Never leave the dog alone in the closed car in the sun because it may have heat stroke (temp. inside may reach 70ͦ C)!

Long-distance trips enforce maximum safety compliance. Back seat is the place of your Bulldog.

It is not recommended to arrange the dog's place in the boot and it is strongly prohibited to close Bulldog in it, exhaust gas emissions may cause choking.

If you choose the place for your dog in the boot, you should know that there are special devices for canine transporting in such a way.

Bulldog in a Train

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Dogs like this way of traveling most of all. Travel by train causes no problems as usual. If you have any fears, it is also not recommended to feed the dog before the trip within 10 hours.

Bulldog in a Plane

Fulfill the next requirements to make your dog's flight comfortable without stress and vomiting:

  • don't feed Bulldog within 10 hours before flying away;
  • give antiemetic medication in 30 minutes before boarding or sedative drug prescribed by the vet for hyperexcitable dogs;
  • let your Bulldog to do its deeds before caging.

Can your dog be with you in passenger cab or should it be in the cage in a luggage compartment? It depends on its weight. Anyway it is necessary to warn airline that you fly with your dog during ticket booking.

Bulldog on Shipboard

It is forbidden to go in passenger ship with dogs according to international law.

Bulldog in Public Transport

The dog should be on a leash and with a muzzle on. As for a cab ride with Bulldog, it is possible with agreement from the driver.

Bulldog in Parks and Gardens

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Some public parks visiting are forbidden with the dog. It is not allowed to visit national parks and nature reserves with the dog even if it is on the leash. It is allowed to be with the dog on a beach, as a rule, if the owner cleans up after it and the canine doesn't bother the others. Guide and assistance dogs are the exception to the rules.

Bulldog in Dog-Boarding Kennel

Visit dog-boarding kennel before putting your Bulldog in it and make sure that the organization is registered (possession of a license), all sanitary standards and hygiene are maintained and the atmosphere created by the staff, which takes care of the animals, is friendly. Dogs quite easily adapt to live in these kennels. The staff should be informed about your dog's health. Leave medical card of your Bulldog with phone number of its vet. Give useful info about Bulldog feeding and habits to avoid any discomfort. Leave also your Bulldog's favorite things.

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Choose a suitable collar, a leash and a muzzle for Bulldog traveling!