English Bulldog in the Country

Are You Ready to Take Your English Bulldog to the Country?

June 22, 2013 | Bulldog Care | By British Bully

Summer season opening is one of the most pleasant things for English Bulldog. And living in the country is like the icing on the cake for your pet. Neither emotionally stressfull exhibitions, nor walkings in the yard or in parks, but just living a country-house and, in the smartest variant, year-round living in the country-house...

We all Metropolis sitizens sometimes are off of a jolt of fresh air, warm sun and just a pastime in the open air. And our Bulldogs are no exeption. Of course, the ideal variant of keeping an English Bulldog is when you live in a private residence with a garden or a lawn around it. but such a remarkable living conditions have not all but just a few, owing to different life circumstances.

Therefore, summer season for Bulldogs is a great opportunity to strenghten and normalize their health; to fill their body with calciferol (vitamin D), that sun helps them to produce; to eat up a storm of a fresh green grass an to walk freely at any time, that stimulates metabolic processes in Bulldog`s organism as there is no need to control its animal needs to 2-3 times a day, that has a healthy influence to Bulldog health at all. However, there is a small disadvantage, when your british Bulldog want to go outside early in the morning, it can stand at the door and bark untill you will open it. And you should get up and let your stubborn pet out for his morning proceeding.

These snub-nosed dogs like to luxuriate in the warm sunshine or lay on the ground in a shadow of various greenery. As a rule, all attempts to walk your Bulldog out of your territory cause its sturdy defiance. It is quite enough for it a fenced territory around the house for getting an eyeful of surroundings and for satisfying its physiological needs as well. Just accept Bulldog`s vital philosophy and stop to torture each other. So, leaving for your country-house, enjoy the glory of nature in your garden. And if you have a desire to go in a forest, it`s better to do it alone of with human members of your family.

best spiked leather collar for english bulldogs

Fancy English Bulldog with Spiked Leather Collar in the Country

During your trip to the country remember and don`t forget about posibble problems you can suffer. Not all Bulldogs, as well as people, can sand extensive trips by car. It is desirable to accustom your Bulldog from its early childhood. And the earlier you start, the less panic and fear your Bulldog Buppy will feel during your car trips. You should try to accompany your trips with tasty dog treats, such as dog bones, buscuits and some tasty slices, which your little doggie likes most of all and gets them rear. In such a way you will praise your pet for its patience at the end of your trip. Thus, your kid will like your car trips and wan`t fall into shock when you push it with a skit of your thing into a car and go for a few hour trip to the country. The matter is that at stressful situatuon Bulldog has such a heath problem as trouble breething. So, when your pet feels stress, it opens its mouth and begin to pant, inspite of the fact, that you can set your air conditioner to a freezing temperature

Don`t start your trips with such unpleasant episodes like vet visiting,  as in that case your Bulldog will associate going by car with stress of pain and will refuse to go with you. Start driving on a small distances to the nearest park, take dog toys with you to play with it there. or get togeter with other bulldog owners, living nearby in your area for joint pleasant walks.

Going for a picnic? Then, look through our article Taking English Bulldog on a Picnic and learn some important facts you need to do to make your picnic a very pleasant pastime for your favourite and you.

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