English Bulldog Overheating Symptoms

Signs of English Bulldog Overheating

English Bulldog overheating and heat stroke is a result environment influence when dog's body temperature is raised to 40.5 ?C and higher. Elder, ill, pregnant female Bulldogs and dogs with excess weight are in risk category.

Signs your Bulldog is overheating are:

Temperature, weakness, orientation disorder, difficulty of eye movement when watch moving subjects, weak or no response to commands. The dog pants, color of the white of its eyes is changed (pasty or bloodshot). Gingival membranes also change color to pale or dark-red. Bulldog's pulse becomes thready. Bulldog falls unconscious is case of severe overheating or heat stroke (pupils reactive to light) or coma (pupils fixed to light).

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English Bulldog overheating causes physiologic failure of internals. Death from heart failure is also possible. It is important to know that symptoms of English Bulldog heatstroke can be diagnosed only if one knows for sure that the animal could overheat. The matter is that other diseases also have similar symptoms. Therefore before taking emergency measures, the owner has to be sure for 100% that the heatstroke became the reason of worsening.

When Bulldog is overheated it is important to lower its body temperature to normal (39.0 - 39.5?C) as soon as possible (within 30 min. - 1 hour). Carry the dog to the cool place and moisten its coat with cool water. Cool armpits and inner sides of hips with packs. The main thing is not to overcool the dog excessively when lower its temperature. Fresh air inflow is also very important for Bulldog.

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Remember, you should immediately call a vet while doing these actions because even mild overheating may lead to complications. Overheating consequences may be irreversible in certain cases that is why you should visit or call the vet without doubt.

Prevention is the best treatment.

As you see, Bulldog heatstroke in hot weather is very dangerous for the dog's health. Follow prevention tips, pay maximum attention to Bulldog's health and you will be able to protect the pet from harmful effects of excessive temperature rather easily.

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