Feeding Bullmastiff Dogs - 10 Mistakes

10 Main Mistakes of Bullmastiff Feeding

Vets and nutritional specialists have been solving problems of Bullmastiffs feeding successfully. Special kibbles with vitamins and other vital elements had been developed for our four-legged friends. All the main questions in this area had been scientifically based and practically proved long ago, however we still make mistakes when feed not only Bullmastiff puppies, but adult dogs also. What are they?

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1. Our mistakes – their ill health.

Most often our mistakes are caused by ignorance of Bullmastiff feeding requirements and daily ration allowance and as a rule, overfeeding. The main thing and the most terrible evil which we do out of kindness is that we feed our Bullmastiffs with the products, which we consider for ourselves to be tasty.

2. Physical activities and feeding. Sated or hungry?

The main rule, which should know every Bullmastiff handler, is that feeding daily requirement is highly correlated to dog physical activities. Bullmastiff needs a bit more food at raised loads and less food in comparison with usual everyday ration at decreased loads (dog has rest or sleeps more, walks less).

3. Skinny or plump?

If your Bullmastiff loses weight, it is necessary to increase a little the total amount of its food after consultation with a vet about your dog's health. Normal fatness of Bullmastiff is checked as follows. Check your dog in the area, where the croup begins, hip bones should be detected easily, but not to be visible. Otherwise Bullmastiff has excessive weight. Obesity leads to heart work disorder and life shortening of your favorite. Remember, we either prolong or shorten lives of our dogs.

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4. Minerals and mineral additives. What for?

Minerals are vital for puppies and adult Bullmastiffs. Mineral additives overdose may result to skeleton fragility for Bullmastiff puppy that will probably lead to paws fractures. Mineral additives excess is washed out from the organism of grown-up Bullmastiff.

5. Raw food. To boil or not to boil?

It is advisable to give your adult Bullmastiff till the age of 5 years a chew treat (row beef bone, animal hooves and antlers) once per day. Overfeeding causes stomach upsets. Bird and fish bones are forbidden!

6. Taboo food.

There are the products, which are forbidden to give your Bullmastiff at all. They are: sweets: cakes, biscuits, sugar cubes etc. They cause tearing and eyes suppuration. Liver work can also be disordered. A good few of salt is a poison for Bullmastiff (as well as for us). Therefore it is necessary to add minimum salt to Bullmastiff food. Any spices, flavorings and aromatic substances, which are contained even in cookies, may lead to sense of smell loss. It is forbidden to give beans, raw cereals, except for oat flakes. Dogs love raw potatoes. There may be some problems and with milk. Bullmastiffs' susceptibility to lactose is very limited. It is allowed to give Bullmastiff puppy milk till the age of 2 months. Cultured milk foods: cheese, cottage cheese and yoghurt (except fruit yoghurt), on the contrary, are digested well by grown-up Bullmastiff's organism.

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7. To feed or not to feed from the table?

This is the most common mistake! As soon as Bullmastiff puppy had appeared at your home, it should understand for certain that nothing would be given to it from the table.

8. How many feeds a day should Bullmastiff get?

Bullmastiff puppies eat very often. Bullmastiffs are fed 5-6 times a day up to 2 months, 4 times a day - from 2 to 4 months, 3-4 times a day - from 4 to 7 months as well as young. Adult Bullmastiffs are fed 2 times a day — in the morning and in the evening 1 time a day when it is hot outside. Old Bullmastiffs are fed 2-3 times a day.

The dog can refuse eating sometimes throughout the day. If you are sure that your Bullmastiff is healthy, then hang loose. Your dog decided to have a fasting day. And he or she is right …

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9. Rapid food change.

Think whether it is necessary for your Bullmastiff before changing one kind of food to another. If you decided that food changing is necessary for your dog and then consult the vet or dog trainer. They will advice what kind of Bullmastiff food to choose and will help to control safe food changing. Your Bullmastiff should always have fresh water in its bowl. The dog has to drink in plenty!

10. Purposeless additives of supplementary drugs.

Vitamins overdose may lead to serious consequences and your best motives will turn into a tragedy. Please, don't experiment on your beloved Bullmastiff! You can always consult the vet and ask for advice. Be attentive to norms and feeding schedule of your Bullmastiff, to its health. Don't be lazy to consult with experts. Learn how to understand the dog and it will be healthy and happy.

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