Bullmastiff Puppy Feeding Guide

How to Feed Bullmastiff Puppy?

It is very important to follow the rules of Bullmastiff puppy feeding to grow up strong and healthy dog and to avoid problems with digestion.

Feed your Bullmastiff puppy 5 times a day with small portions till 2 months. Watch its belly not to swell after feeding. Bullmastiff is fed 3 times a day from 2-4 to 8-10 months. Then the dog is fed 2 times a day.

Bullmastiff Puppy Feeding Guide

Strong, Healthy and Properly Fed Bullmastiff

Teach your Bullmastiff puppy to eat out of dog bowl, which is placed on stand since the first day it appeared at your home. This is important for Bullmastiff's correct exterior formation. Otherwise, the dog will be high in the rear, with roached back and weak front pastern. Bullmastiff feeding bowl should be placed at breast height or a bit higher so that the puppy could put only its muzzle into a plate. Spread a piece of cloth on the floor where your Bullmastiff eats so that its paws didn't slip.

You may teach your Bullmastiff puppy for stack during feeding. Forepaws are to stand in parallel, hindpaws in such a way so that hind heels to make an angle of 90 degrees. Try to fix this stack day by day.

Put a tasty treat into the bowl after feeding. The puppy will remember that your hands are linked to food. Wipe out your puppy's muzzle when it has been already eaten with clean cloth. Bowl holder should become higher due to your Bullmastiff growing up.

Bullmastiff Puppy Feeding Guide

Bullmastiff's Health and Exterior Depends on Food Quality

Your Bullmastiff puppy needs two bowls: one for food, the other one – for water. Water should be always fresh and to be in a handy place. Change water several times a day (after each feeding) and wash the bowl to avoid scale on its sides. It is not recommended to leave the bowl with not eaten up food. Give your Bullmastiff puppy 15-20 min. for eating to get your dog used to dietary regime.

Start giving your Bullmastiff from 2 month soft row bones in small amounts. It is better to give them for dessert not to slacken puppy's appetite. Safe row bones contain also minerals.

There is a huge choice of dry dog food. Some Bullmastiff owners feed their dogs with kibble, the other ones – with natural dog food. The best variant is to feed your Bullmastiff puppy with natural and dry food. Be very attentive when choose dry food for Bullmastiff puppy.

Bullmastiff Puppy Feeding Guide

Follow the Rules of Bullmastiff Feeding to Avoid Problems

If you decided to feed your dog with natural food, then follow these simple, but very important rules:

  • It is better to check food temperature with your finger. If you feel that is not hot, but warm, then you may give food to your puppy.
  • Remember that hot and cold food may cause gastric diseases.
  • Long chicken or rabbit bones are forbidden for Bullmastiff puppies, they can traumatize stomach, block up the bowels and stick in stomach or throat.

There are several important points in Bullmastiff puppy feeding:

  1. Never give your puppy raw and cooked products together (porridge with raw meat, cooked meat with raw vegetables etc.). They aren't ingested together. Such a mix causes also gastric fermentation with all that it implies (gases, diarrhea, vomit).
  2. Give your Bullmastiff puppy raw fruit and vegetables only in small amounts. They clean teeth and bowels.
  3. You can feed your puppy with kibble and natural food, but don't mix them together.

Bullmastiff Puppy Feeding Guide

Choose the Best Food for Your Bullmastiff

If your Bullmastiff puppy has good appetite and you feed it with natural food, remember that the most important in food is its quality and not quantity. Food should contain all the necessary compounds for growing dog. Vitamin supplements are also required for your Bullmastiff. Consult a vet or breeder about every supplement.

Remember that you have to keep the diet of the breeder for Bullmastiff puppy feeding about 10 days from the time you have taken the dog to avoid problems with digestion of your puppy.

Useful supplies for Bullmastiff feeding, click on the pictures!

Bullmastiff Feeding Bowl Bullmastiff Puppy Treats Best Treats for Bullmastiff Puppy

You can turn supplemental feeding of your Bullmastiff puppy into an entertaining challenge! Insert kibble into a treat toy and the pet will be busy for hours trying to take the treats out of the toy. This treat holder provides mental and physical development, prevents overeating, cleans teeth and gums. It holds small pieces of kibble and good-sized treats. Take care of your puppy healthy growth with proper supplies!

Bullmastiff Puppy Feeding Guide

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