Bulldog Care - How to Keep Dog Warm in Winter?

Protect Your Bulldog from Feeling Cold in Winter!

Bulldogs need special care in cold season because they have no dense undercoat that protects from cold, wet and wind. That is why Bulldogs freeze quickly outside and feel uncomfortable in poorly heated area.

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The smaller Bulldog is, the quicker it feels cold. The older Bulldog is, the more it is sensitive to cold. Weak and ill Bulldogs are also cold-natured.

How to Keep Your Bulldog Warm Indoors?

Organize cozy sleeper for Bully. There are various blankets, mattresses and beds even with heating for Bulldogs. Dog den may be not enough for highly sensitive to cold, aged Bulldogs and dogs with arthritis. You can put a warming pad under the dog bedding. It will warm Bully for a few hours.

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Don't forget about Bulldog clothes, which keeps body warmth and also about physical activities. Entertain your Bully with active games (f.e. tug of war) even if you are at home, but you have a free space. The dog will warm when move.

How to Keep Your Bulldog Warm Outdoors?

Warm dog clothes allows Bulldog spend more time outside in cold weather. You place your Bulldog's health under risk when walk it in winter without dog clothes. Short hair won't keep the dog warm. Dog walking clothes for cold weather should cover your Bulldog's back from neck to tail, to be with stand-up collar or with hood.

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Animals lose much warmth through ears and paw. Although it was proved that dogs' paws aren't frozen in winter, not every Bulldog is adapted for long outside winter activities and is got cold quickly. Don't ignore dog shoes unless your Bulldog feels discomfort or refuses to wear them. In this case oil dog's paws with special wax or grease to protect them from wet, dryness and cracks.

Cut hair between Bulldog's paws to avoid show sticking and freezing. Don't do a haircut of your Bulldog in winter if there is no need in this. Don't be lazy by limiting time only with a walk. Active games with physical training allow your Bulldog to stay outdoors longer.

Useful gear for Bulldog walking and training in cold weather, click on the pictures!

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