Fun Outdoor Games for Bulldogs

What Games Can You Play with Your Bulldog During Walks?

We walk our Bulldogs several times every day. What outdoor games to choose? How to understand what will be interesting for your Bully? How to find the very games that will entertain you both and be useful for the dog?

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Walks are very important for Bulldogs. Fresh air is for the benefit of the dog's health as well as for the human's. There is another one positive moment of Bulldog keeping – you get a companion for leading an active lifestyle. But you have to lay down such a rule: to give your attention to the dog and not to the handlers, chatting with them constantly.

Outdoor games help to develop mutual understanding between Bulldog and its handler. Find the place for games, away from the road and little children. It's better to be in the open country. Meadow in the park, in the garden square or in the wood will be ideal. Take your Bulldog's favorite toys along to make the game interesting. Rubber dog balls and toys are perfect. If you hadn't taken any Bulldog toy, it's not a problem. You can always pick up a stick, dogs like to play with sticks.

English Bulldog Toy - Sound Dog Ball

Soccer Rubber Dog Ball with Squeaker for Fun Outdoor Games

Dog command "Fetch" will be very useful for Bulldog games, that's why you should train the dog to run this command. Bulldogs like to run after a ball or a stick thrown by the handler, search them in the grass and bring them back. It's very convenient and effective to train your Bulldog to run various commands through the game at all.

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Light-Weighted Dog Ball Thrower with String for Fetch Training

Add dog commands "Sit" and "Down" to "Fetch-Give" exercise. Train your Bully to make a jump with the help of dog toys. Creative handlers teach their Bulldogs sing and dance during daily exercises. It's really better to train your Bulldog singing and dancing outside to keep good relations with neighbors. Besides, you'll find the audience at once – everyone wants to look at singing dog!

You can also make a trim trail for the dog. Train your Bulldog to jump over the barrier, to climb to the obstacle, to belly under a crossbar, to catch various things (Frisbee).

English Bulldog Toys - Dog Water Ball

Unsinkable Dog Ball on Rope for Games on Water

Swimming is another one excellent activity for the Bulldog. You are so lucky, if there is a park with a lake outside your home! Swimming keeps good shape of the dog. Swimming is also an interesting game. Although, some Bulldogs don't like to stay in water. But you can teach the dog to minimum water games gradually. The dog needn't immerse fully into the water and swim, it can wet its paws and runaway. Some Bulldogs adore to splash in the water.

If you succeeded to come into close contact with your Bulldog and you had trained the dog to run commands, then you both would enjoy daily walks.

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