Ways of Dog Muzzling

What Should I Do if My Bulldog Doesn't Want to Wear a Muzzle?

April 22, 2013 | Dog Muzzle | By British Bully

If your Bulldog refuses wearing a muzzle, generally it is only the problem of obedience and relationships between owner and a dog. Dog owner should be a real leader for the pet. If the leadership belongs to the owner, Bulldog would let the leader do almost anything and would fulfill all requirements and orders from the leader (including the demand of wearing a muzzle).

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However Bulldog can refuse wearing the muzzle if it is uncomfortable or causes pain. Therefore dog owner should carefully choose the right muzzle according to the dog's snout and head structure.

Bulldog muzzle should be light-weighted. Choose the muzzle that have enough free space to open mouth and pant freely. Dog muzzle should be comfortable and hygienic. It can't contain any parts that can in any way hurt your Bulldog or other people and animals. The best type of muzzle is either of leather or of wire. These muzzles keep their shape and don't deform easily. The muzzles also have holes through which you can feed treats and the dog has enough space to pant and drink.

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You have to remember that too narrow muzzle is very uncomfortable for Bulldog to wear as well as too narrow shoes or clothes – for people.

The best way to teach your English Bulldog to wear a muzzle is the following. Try to make the muzzle a sign of something pleasant and fun for your dog for example a walk. In this way your dog would want to wear it with a great pleasure.

Why your Bulldog becomes very glad and pleased when you take his daily walking leash or collar? Why some Bulldogs even bring the lead or the collar to their owners? If you carefully consider these questions it will become clear that lead or collar are just like the signs (or forerunners) of walk for dogs. Consequently, if a muzzle will be the same sign as the collar or lead, your Bulldog would wear it gladly.

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If you want to teach your dog to wear a muzzle with pleasure, don't forget to take a muzzle on every walk. The first thing that you have to do is to put the muzzle on your Bulldog just before the walk and to take it off after the start of walking. Gradually increase the time of your dog being muzzled during walking.

Sometimes Bulldogs become restive when they are muzzled or at the least attempt to be muzzled. If nothing helps in such situations (e.g. drawing of dog's attention, different dog commands such as "Sit!", "Heel!", "Down!" etc.), you can take the muzzle off and punish your dog slightly. After that put the muzzle on again and praise your dog immediately. There is also another variant. Take the muzzle off and go back home. Stay there for about 2 or 3 minutes, say "Walk!" to your dog and after putting the muzzle on, come out for a walk again.

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If your Bulldog have already mastered some obedience commands such as "Heel" or "Come", you can put the muzzle on and keep repeating these commands when your dog tries to take the muzzle off. In this way your dog's attention will be drawn from the muzzle to the command. "Heel" command means to walk calmly at your side. That is why dog will try to run the command than pay attention to the muzzle.

It is also very important and useful to give your Bulldog some treats or rewards through the muzzle. But stop feeding and do not praise your dog once the muzzle is removed.

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Never punish your dog or shout angrily right after your dog was muzzled or when you dog is trying to take the muzzle off. Remember to muzzle the dog when something good is going to happen, so it associates the muzzle with positive experiences and resistance won't occur.

Make the muzzle a positive thing for your Bulldog and your pet will definitely wear it with great relish.

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