Dog Grooming Behavior Problems

Problems with Dog Grooming

Is your Bulldog resist when it is examined, groomed or when its eyes, ears, paws and wounds are treated? Many Bulldogs doesn't like these procedures. But some of them escape and hide. The others growl or even bite. Bulldogs often behave themselves in such a manner with a vet. Veterinary or hygienic procedures frequently lead to painful or unpleasant feelings that is why dogs behave so.

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How to train your dog to like grooming? First of all, it is necessary to teach Bulldog to be patient when you just touch its body parts. If you prove the dog that this is important for it, you will do half the work.

Choose time when your Bulldog and you are in a good mood. Many dogs feel so after feeding, when they are going to have rest. Sit down near the pet and start stroking. Tell it sweet words. Try to turn the dog a little and stroke it again. Touch also those parts, which your Bulldog keeps out of stroking in the other situation. Come back to these places oftener when you stroke Bulldog and massage them longer. But take time. Show the canine that this procedure is the condition of pleasure. Find time for these exercises if you want to change the situation for the better.

Bulldogs like when they are stroked and they also like the owner's attention. Some dogs in a week of such "treatment" come up to the owners and give paws to snuggle.

Try to comb your Bulldog with dog grooming brush after the dog got used to stroking with hand. The brush should be soft. Stroke the pet and comb it from time to time with the brush. Then stroke Bulldog again. Don't forget to speak gently with the dog during this procedure. The purpose of this action is to demonstrate your Bulldog that the brush in your hands is a signal of enjoy. You brush the dog more and more every time. Bulldog got used to dog hair comb in the same way.

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If the dog tries to stand up during stroking, don't allow it to do this. Stroke its neck with a slight pressure intensively, keeping the dog from head raising. Say with a strict voice "Down!" and stroke its belly or another body parts it likes to be scratched with the other hand. Stroke the dog another minute, give it some command and let go.

Increase time of stroking every procedure. Some dogs don't like trimming tables and the procedures on them. If your Bulldog has such a fear, your fist task is to break this stereotype.

Put Bulldog on the table as often as possible. Praise, stroke, massage and treat the dog. Make the table the most pleasant place for the pet. If you achieve this, train your Bully, which stands on the table, to perceive the brush or comb calmly. Take a trimmer or scissors only after this. Take time, just click scissors or hold the working trimmer near the dog for several classes. But be persistent, make sessions longer gradually, comb and cut the dog's coat more and more seriously.

Don't give up if Bulldog roars and clatters with teeth. Raise your voice. Brush it for a while and let go. But call the dog again and repeat the procedure in 20 min.

It is obvious that the main instinct of dogs is to stay alive and healthy. If everything is done right, the rest will follow. It is better to consult with dog trainer if the dog is too aggressive during grooming.

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