Tick Prevention for English Bulldog

How to Prevent Your English Bulldog from Ticks

May 14, 2013 | Dog Ticks Prevention | By British Bully

Ticks are the most vicious dogs' enemies. English Bulldogs are liable to dog tick bites because of regular walking outdoors. Let's find out how you can prevent your favorite from tick biting. What necessary measures can you take to protect your pet, which can't tell about its problems?

Dog Tick Prevention UK

Dog ticks constitute real danger especially in spring-summer and autumn period, when air temperature reaches the point of 5 degrees above zero. Modern dog tick prevention doesn't guarantee full safety of your English Bulldog. That is why you need to pay careful attention on your Bulldog's health.

Tick bites can become deathful for English Bulldogs. There are a lot of woods and fields in Great Britain and it is a real paradise for insects and the most favorable conditions for reproduction of ticks. Deep grass and bushes are the right places, where your pet can catch ticks on its coat. If you want to protect your favorite, you need to provide pet vaccination and to process your Bulldog with antimite remedy before each walk.

Initial symptoms

From the moment when tick bites on dog till the initial symptoms passes about a week. All this time your Bulldog looks healthy and vigorous. But the process of tick reproduction and destruction of erythrocytes in blood takes place at the same time.

In a day or two the dog becomes apathic, inactive and unsociable. Watch your English Bulldog behavior. If you offered your pet its favorite dog bone and it only wags the tale flabbily and looks at you with sad eyes - it is the first signal for alarm.

Dog Flea and Tick Prevention UK

The most common symptoms of dog health problems, caused by ticks:

  • Urine gains dark color - is the right signal that dog ticks disturb your favorite;
  • Bulldog loses appetite and refuses eating even treats;
  • Bulldog ceases to play with toys, becomes inactive;
  • Movements become very sluggish, the pet runs joylessly, but drags itself alone;
  • Take Bulldog's temperature, it will be increased in the presence of dog ticks, the mercury column can creep to 40 degrees;
  • Touch your pet's nose - if it is hot and dry, take it to the vet immediately;
  • When your pet is constantly infected with dog ticks – it is always thirsty.

If you are not visit the vet in time, your Bulldog will most probably die. And if your favorite is coped by miracle with this disease by its own efforts, it still needs to be surveyed. After all, ticks can do harm to Bulldog internals. Remember, that earlier infected and recovered pet can have a recurrence. Therefore, keep a watchful eye on your Bulldog for some time.

Tick Prevention

Tick Prevention for a Dog

It is easier to prevent this illness, than to treat it. If there is an opportunity, walk your Bulldog not in the wood, but on a country site. Before walking the dog on the site it is necessary to cut off grass (with a grass-mower or a scythe). Bushes are the most dangerous for your Bulldog, after all, tick slugs hide there. The slug feels a warm-blooded animal and clings to its hair. After this "strengthening" the slug bites English Bulldog, bringing in its body a substance, which slows down fibrillation. Babeziya also get to this moment with saliva in the organism. Babezia are cell parasites, which strike erythrocytes of Bulldog's blood.

How to Save English Bulldog from "Bloodsuckers"

It is necessary to examine your pet after each walk. Do this very carefully, without passing any site of dog's skin. Be especially careful when look through hard-to-reach places – armpits, neck, auricles, perinea region, anus and don't forget about Bulldog wrinkles.

Dog Tick Bite Prevention

If you didn't manage to remove all dog ticks, you will easily notice them after a while (in 2-3 days) because ticks, having drunk Bulldog blood, will start being inflated and will repeatedly increase in sizes. Examine your English Bulldog very attentively. If you have found parasites, visit the vet immediately and he will prescribe you the right dog tick treatment. Consult the vet about your Bulldog care, the elimination of consequences and ask him about dog multivitamins, which help your Bulldog to be strong and healthy all the time.

Take care of your dog's health and you will have faithful friend for many years!

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