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Pug plays a special role in its owner's life. In spite of Pug's confidential and compassionate look, this dog is not a toy. Pug is a faithful friend, which can defend its master without a shadow of a fear or a doubt when feels a danger. Pugs are open-hearted, kind, friendly to other people and animals. They like to be in the limelight and always thrust themselves forward. Black Pugs are more temperamental, light-beige Pugs are with more resistant nature. It should be mentioned that Pugs agree well with children regardless of their color and temper.
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Pug Is a Perfect Companion for Those, Who Live Level Life

Pug may seem to you lazy and slow at first sight. But it's not so! Pugs are active and energetic dogs, though they like to lie on a sofa and lounge. Pugs have well-developed muscles, they like long walks, that's why it is desirable to go for a walk with the dog every day.

Pugs are chilled very quickly in cold weather. The walk should be no more than 15 minutes if the Pug is without a special warm dog coat. In summer, when the weather is hot and oppressive, Pug is also not advisable to be outdoors because the heat is hard on the dog and it can feel bad.

Pug should be walked on a leash whatever its age by no means. Pug training and education is started from the moment you've brought it to your home. It's very important for you as a handler because a well-bred and trained Pug won't escape, runaway somewhere or suffer from other dogs etc. It's not recommended to walk even a Pug puppy for children under 14 years of age.

It helps to remember that a sound mind is in a sound body, so keep your Pug healthy by the means of everyday care, regular walks and exercises. Our dog gear and accessories, which were designed specially for Pugs, will help you in this!

It's better to put on your Pug a harness, than a collar, because the harness doesn't press on the dog's neck and allows free breathing during daily walking and training. Moreover, the harness distributes the loads along the whole Pug's body and not only on the neck, like the collar does. So, when you walk or train your Pug with the harness, you may keep calm for its comfort and safety.

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Pug Is a Great Companion and Friend

Choose nylon harness, if you walk or train your Pug whatever the weather. Nylon is water-resistant and hardwearing material. Pick leather harness for calm and pleasant walks in style in sunny weather. Be sure, every dog product you order for your Pug will be of a top quality, unique design and will surely serve the dog for years!

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1. Measure your Pug according to the scheme you can see in every dog product.

2. Got the measurements? Fill them in the attributes at the top of the product page.

3. You can always contact us via our e-mail info@english-bulldog-dog-breed-store.co.uk if the collar, harness, muzzle or any other product doesn't fit your Pug. Our customer support will answer all your questions, will help you to choose the most suitable product for your dog and will make an exchange if needed!

Don't hesitate about your order. It will be delivered to you safely.

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Our experts are always glad to help you in choosing the most suitable gear for your Pug, feel free to contact us anytime and we will answer all your questions.

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See our dog grooming products to take care of your Pug's look.

We also have a wide choice of dog toys for Pug training, education and oral care, mental and physical stimulation!

Instructional Video of Pug Sizing for a Harness

Small Leather Harness for Pug - Review

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