Bulldog Harnesses for Different Types of Dog Sport

What Are the Best Harness for Bulldog Sport?

May 12, 2013 | Dog Harness | By British Bully

Tracking harness was invented by North American Indians more than 400 years ago and improved by professional racers in the following. Nowadays this harness is the most widely spread in races and also in all kinds of tracking sport where dogs' draught force is used.

Bulldog Harnesses UK

Perfect Leather Harness for Tracking

The research of biologist from the University of Alaska Fairbanks (USA) showed that Bulldog's chest gets about 62% of load during movement while the other 38% are distributed to the rest body. Thus the forebody load significantly exceeds the rest of the body load. It can be used for dog's body development specifically for elaboration on height of withers, which is extremely valuable for some breeds. The harness for skijoring is very helpful in puppies breeding since 2 months because it stimulates skeleton development, corrects set of limbs and optimal angles between them if to following the main precautions.

English Bulldog Harness UK

English Bulldog with Light-Weighted Nylon Harness

More than 300 sizes and heights allow you to choose the harness for almost every kind of dog including nonstandard. Lack of buckles makes the harness safer. Thoughtful design of tracking harnesses makes them suitable for long tracks without any discomfort for the dog.

Weight pulling harness is intended generally for already trained Bulldogs. The main usage is participation in weight transportation competition (Weight Pulling). It can be used for chest and muscles development. The harness is indispensable for elaboration of dog's classic show set.

English Bulldog Pulling Harness

English Bulldog with Nylon Harness for Pulling

Pulling harness is made for pulling a skier (Skijoring) or a runner (Cani Cross). It is used for dog training and everyday walking.

The belt is a wide band with buckles and attached padded waist strap. Using the pulling harness for Bulldog allows to let the dog leash go and to work with ski poles helping the canine. It is permitted by the International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS) and allows using even relatively small dogs in this sport.

A shock-absorber is between pulling harness and pull leash. It makes the jerks smoother and raises the effectiveness of racer and dog's collaboration by making it more comfortable.

American Bulldog Weight Pulling Harness

American Bulldog with Nylon Pulling Harness

Pulling belt sport modification has higher safety and small weight. Disadvantage is a little inconvenient to buckle the metal clasps with bare hands in the cold.

Skijoring belt child modification is handier due to the big plastic quick-release buckles. When the child falls on any side such clasp unbuckles automatically preventing the injuries. Disadvantage - a pulling belt is not tightly buckled on the waist, so during the movement it can sometimes unbuckle from vibration. It is OK when it happens during the country walk. But such situation can turn out to be an accident in the city with intensive traffic.

Harness tourist modification differs from a child one in the belt width and more comfortable shock-absorber strapping.

English Bulldog Collar UK

English Bulldog with Light-Weighted Nylon Collar

Light-weighted dog collars are made of nylon. They almost don't rub the hair. The lack of buckles raises safety and the light mass gives the significant total weight economy especially if there are many dogs with harnesses.

Remember that dog harness is an indispensable pet product for Bulldog training, walking and tracking as Bulldog is a very strong and a freedom-loving breed, so it will be very hard for you to teach your favourite the obedience behavior without such a necessary dog gear.

Our article about dog equipment will help you to choose the right pet supplies for your English Bulldog according to the goals you want to reach with your canine.