Pug Vs. French Bulldog

What Dog Breed to Choose: Pug or French Bulldog?


About Pug Dog Breed

Pug is an ancient Chinese breed. Pugs were favorite dogs of noblemen. Pugs have short stubby figure, their shoulder height is about 360 mm, and weight is to 8 kg. Pug is a dog of vast soul in a small body.

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Pug has short and shining hair, the most common colors are:

  • black
  • beige with black mask

Pug's sad muzzle is because of the eyes, which are like two goodly cherries. That's why we always want to stroke Pugs.

Pug Temperament

Pug has cheerful, lively and balanced enough temper. Though Pugs are not very active and like to sleep, sometimes they may have a flare of enthusiasm and run along a flat but not so long as a rule. Pugs are smart enough and well trained.

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Pugs are not too exacting dogs; they can be kept not only by experienced breeders, but also by handlers with no experience of dogs keeping. But if you have lack of time, it's better to refuse of Pug buying. If to compare Pug and French Bulldog, the first one is better for keeping in the flat because of its smaller size and easier disposition.

French Bulldog

About French Bulldog Breed

French Bulldogs' ancestors were small-sized fighting dogs; this has an impact on their appearance hereafter. French Bulldogs' outstanding features are:

  • bat-eared straight ears
  • short tail with typical for the breed bends
  • massive square head with short muzzle and heavy jaws

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Short wire coat of French Bulldog should be of the next colors according to the standards:

  • Fawn
  • Pied - with tigerish spots on white coat
  • Brindle - dark color with lighter hairs or vice versa

French Bulldog Temperament

Though French Bulldogs are considered to be fighting dogs, they have even temper and show no aggression to people. Frenchies aren't devoted to one owner, they will defend the whole family in the event of emergency.

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As French Bulldogs are afraid of cold and it's forbidden to keep them in open-air-cages, these dogs are suitable for being kept in the flat, although one may prefer Pugs because of their smaller size.

French Bulldogs are tidy and calm when live in the flat, they like to have rest at their favorite place being alone at home. French Bulldogs are very cleanly dogs, they may lie on a doormat for a long time waiting for you to clean its paws after a walk.

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