English Bulldog Standard - Five Priorities

Five Most Important Points the Judges Pay Attention On at English Bulldog Shows

English Bulldog breed temperament. When Bulldog walks along the ring and a handler doesn't distract it, here is seen how typically and correct the dog's behavior is. Bulldog has a sprightly tread. If the dog looks tired, perhaps it had a rough day, but if the handler can't cheer up his (her) Bully by playing, treating or getting up speed, the Bulldog won't show the breed temper at its finest. Even anatomically well-shaped English Bulldog won't win if it can't show the breed temper.

English Bulldog Breed Standard

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The dog has always lack of chances to assure judges that its temper and personal qualities corresponds the breed. Beautiful English Bulldog, which has problems with temper, discredits the breed.

Breed temperament is the number one priority!

English Bulldog Body Structure. Proportions, top line, head and ears position – all these qualities are determinative for pure breed identifying.

Body structure is the priority number two.

English Bulldog's head and muzzle. Head is an indispensable feature of pure breed. Those English Bulldogs are first in the list, which have typical for the breed behavior, are easily recognizable by the breed representatives and have the head and the muzzle, which identify their belonging to purebred English Bulldogs clearly.

Head is the priority number three.

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Movements. English Bulldog's movements show something more than a body structure. Movements bring out the breed type to the full. It's a true test for conformity with English Bulldog breed.

English Bulldog movement is the priority number four.

English Bulldog Coat. It's an important feature of pure breed. Even similar Bulldog breeds with alike coat structure have small, but significant differences. Sometimes they can be identified only by touch. You can read a lot of information about English Bulldog coat standard, but it won't allow you to feel it with you tactual sensation. Mini Bulldog has short, shiny and harsh coat, but English Bulldog's coat is harsher because it's hair is more dense.

Coat is the priority number five.

The sum of five priorities. Any Bulldog can be disqualified if it doesn't comply with two from five criteria mentioned above. It's because there are various deviation levels from absolute normalcy even according to these five priorities. If English Bulldog walks like a duck, it should be disqualified and it doesn't matter how beautiful its head, body and coat are.

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