My Bulldog is Chewing When Nervous

How Can I Prevent My Bulldog From Nervous Chewing?

June 14, 2013 | Dog Chewing | By British Bully

There exist many reasons, when Bulldog's chewing isn't connected with its cutting teeth. Sometimes, Bulldogs chew everything around when they take something on or consider that their owners leave them when they just go to work every morning. Such dog behavior is typical when your pet is home alone and it differs from that kind of chewing, when your puppy just plays with its dog chew toy.

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When your Bully is nervous, it chews everything under the influence of stress. Therefore, it can't be punished for such a behavior by no means as this can lead to a poor results.

It is quite easy to find out the cause of your dog chewing, being at home alone. Just set a small video camera up in your house that will be focused on an entrance door. As a rule, in a few minutes after you leave Bulldog will start barking, howling, digging and to do his deeds (Yes! Such is happening too!) and, naturally, the dog chews all the things and subjects that fall in its way.

Besides, the dog can chew things if it is afraid of a thunder. It can cause a huge damage to your house during a thunderstorm. Of course, such a disruptive reaction, caused by different phobias, occurs much less often than "chewing" behavior, caused by anxiety and separation.

Don't forget that English Bulldog can start chewing because of its fear of petards explosion, wind whistle and other noise.

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If you have a suspicion that your Bulldog suffers from daily separation anxiety, then you need to ask for a qualified help of a vet. Approved veterinarian will prescribe the cure, consisting of drugs and special behavioral correction of your pet to stop chewing in such situations. Of course, it will be much easier to correct this dog behavior problem with the help of a muzzle that is developed specially to prevent your Bulldog from chewing and eating or picking up from the ground. Don't be afraid, this muzzle has supreme ventilation according to specific Bulldog muzzle and allows your dog to drink water and to eat treats even being muzzled. Just put on this muzzle when you see that your Bulldog starts to chew things for some time and you will save your home from damages and your Bully from this bad habit.

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