Types of Bulldog Breeds (Part 2)

How to Identify the Type of Bulldog Breed

American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is a thick-set, tall and large dog. American Bulldogs are usually of white color with brindle, fawn and other different colored patches. According to the Johnson's variety American Bulldogs are larger and with shorter muzzles and according to the Scottish type - they are smaller, but nevertheless modern American Bulldogs are a combination of these two types.

Types of Bulldog Breeds

Perfect Leather Harness for American Bulldog

American Bulldogs usually weigh 70-125 lb but they can also greatly exceed this weight range. The standard American Bulldog bears similarity to Pitbull like breeds in many respects. However, American Bulldog is usually box-shaped, its ears are uncropped and its head is heavy and bulky.

Relatively recently American Bulldog handlers used dog collars mainly for walking, but today dog harnesses become more popular because of their convenient and safe construction. Leather dog harness for American Bulldog consists of leather straps, which are fastened round the dog's body and not round its neck. Dog experts assure that leather dog harness for American Bulldog is the right choice for such a powerful dog.

What are the advantages of leather dog harness for American Bulldog? The plus point of leather dog harness for American Bulldog is that the neck of the dog isn't choked and traumatized at jerk. Bully doesn't wheeze and cough. By the way, leather dog harness for American Bulldog is indispensable if the dog has a back injury.

Types of Bulldog Breeds

Day-to-Day and Sport Leather Harness for American Bulldog

One more plus of leather dog harness for American Bulldog - the dog feels itself much more comfortable free and relaxed being still over your reliable control. Which one leather dog harness for American Bulldog to choose? It depends on your taste and purposes.

If you need a harness for daily walks and physical exercises, choose everyday leather dog harness for American Bulldog. It's a bestseller among American Bulldog trainers and handlers. This model of a harness has classic design and very comfortable construction for long time wearing. It is a perfect variant for day-to-day activities of your Ambulldog.

Types of Bulldog Breeds

Padded Leather Harness for Physical Development

Does your Ambulldog go in for sports? Then you need sport leather dog harness for American Bulldog. This type of harness has special reinforced construction to resist hard loads and to help the trainer to provide heavy loadings. Sporting leather dog harness for American Bulldog is intended to develop your dog physically in safe and effective way.

Types of Bulldog Breeds

Unique Studded Leather Harness for American Bulldog

There is also a designer leather dog harness for American Bulldog. If you attend dog shows or rings, then designer harness is a must-have accessory for your Bully. Exclusive leather dog harness for American Bulldog will lay emphasis on its beauty and make your dog look like a real super star!

Remember that Ambulldog is active and sporting dog, so you need to pay maximum attention to the dog's physical shape and daily training!

Olde English Bulldogge

The Olde English Bulldogge is often muddled up with the English Bulldog. Olde English Bulldog is not purebred, it is a mixed breed. The OEB originated from English Bulldogs, Bullmastiffs, American Pit Bull Terriers and American Bulldogs. Many breeders, who sell these mixed dogs, breed Pitbulls with Bulldogs or Bulldogs with Mastiffs. OEB can have a full tail and sometimes not, it depends on the various breed mixing. If you decided to get the Bulldog-like breed, which can look more athletic, it doesn't mean that you get a healthier dog. All depends on the health of the parent dogs. Such dogs cannot be AKC registered.

Types of Bulldog Breeds

Olde English Bulldogge with Sound Leather Harness

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is the small relative of the English Bulldog. Frenchie, as they are usually called weigh 18-28 lb. If your Frenchie is of larger size, this means that either it was imported or it is from imported parents as standards in different countries may vary. Frenchie also can be confused with pug because of some exterior resemblance. French Bulldogs can be AKC registered because they are purebred breed.

Types of Bulldog Breeds

Frenchie with Royal Leather Harness

Today there exist a great variety of Bulldog mixes, so you can meet such a new Bulldog-like breeds as Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, Aussie Bulldog, Banter Bulldogge, Buldogue Campeiro, Ca de Bou, Catahoula Bulldog, Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldog, Olde Boston Bulldogge, Victorian Bulldog, Valley Bulldog.

To be continued...

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