Bulldog - How to Choose the Right Muzzle for Your Dog?

What Should You Know to Choose a Muzzle for Your Bulldog?

Bulldog puppies don't wear muzzles. The muzzle is suitable only for Bulldogs that are older 6 months.

If you choose leather dog muzzle for your Bulldog, the item should be taken a proper care. Oil the muzzle from time to time with special leather repellents and balms to avoid drying out and to prolong its service life. This procedure is essential especially if the muzzle got wet.

French Bulldog Muzzle UK

French Bulldog with Soft and Safe Leather Muzzle

Take into account your Bulldog's temper too when choose the muzzle for it. Leather mesh muzzle or basket muzzle for English Bulldog will be enough for your calm dog.

Large American Bulldog and similar breeds will need strong leather dog muzzle for winter and wire dog muzzle for warm weather.

Basket Muzzle for English Bulldog

Basket Muzzle for English Bulldog

If you choose Bulldog muzzle not for vet visiting, pay attention to its fitting. The item shouldn't fit tightly to the dog's muzzle and nose. However, the muzzle should be fixed on Bulldog's head reliably.

Bulldog's comfort is the main point in muzzle choosing!

The muzzle shouldn't put pressure on Bulldog's nose and eye area. Put on your Bulldog the muzzle and watch whether the dog can breathe freely, lick its nose, pant, open the mouth. These features are very important, especially for Bulldog walking in heat.

American Bulldog Muzzle UK

Ambulldog with Perfectly Ventilated Wire Muzzle

Your Bulldog won't feel any discomfort with any muzzle if you had measured the dog right. However, you should still be attentive. Check carefully whether the item doesn't pinch in your Bulldog's muzzle whether the straps aren't fixed too tight. Adjust a strap (-s) if you see that your Bulldog has deep traces of wire cage after being muzzled. If this doesn't work, buy another one Bulldog muzzle because the one you have became or is too small for the dog.

What Muzzle Fixing to Choose?

Even the strongest muzzle won't be effective without reliable fixing. However, experienced breeders recommend choosing Bulldog muzzles with one fixing strap instead of two. Too many straps are inconvenient in use. They can be fouled up between each other and it will be difficult to put the muzzle on Bulldog, who doesn't like this process at all.

Bulldog Muzzle UK

Close Leather Muzzle for Bulldog Training

Bulldog muzzle with the strap, which is fastened behind the ears or with Velcro fastener, is suitable only for calm dogs, which don't try to take the muzzle off with paws.

Choose the muzzle for your Bulldog with adjustable strap (-s). Such a muzzle has a strap on a forehead, which helps to loosen or tighten the muzzle.

Muzzle for Bulldog UK

Open Leather Muzzle for Calm Bulldogs

What should you remember when choose the muzzle for your Bulldog? Material, size and shape are 3 main criteria of the muzzle choosing. The larger and the more temperamental or aggressive your Bulldog is, the stronger muzzle should be.

Various models of Bulldog muzzles, click on the pictures!

Basket Muzzle for English Bulldog Muzzle for American Bulldog UK Bulldog Muzzle for Sale

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