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Do you wish to choose top-quality supplies for your Boxer? ForDogTrainers offers:

  • Harnesses, collars, muzzles, leashes and other equipment, which is made by professionals of top-class materials.
  • There are products for Boxer walking, training, sport, tracking, work and many other purposes.
  • We offer fast worldwide delivery. There are 2 shipping ways: Register Mail Service (6-12 business days) and Express Mail Service (3-5 business days). Return and exchange are available. Contact us and our Customer Support will help and answer all your questions.
  • There are special discounts for wholesale and return customers. We provide personal service and support for every client.
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About Boxer Dog Breed

German Boxer is a strong and tough breed. It is usually called simply "Boxer". These dogs are widely used for protection, K9 and police work. One can keep Boxer at home also. Boxers are very smart and are tight with children. But the dog should be trained and stark discipline is necessary.

The name of the breed is taken from dogs' manner to hit accurate blows with paws.

Boxer Dog Breed Training

Boxers are excellent watch dogs. They are easily trained. The dog needs regular physical exercise to release energy. Boxers are very sensitive to heat apart from that. That is why it is not recommended to train the dog intensively when it is hot outside. It is better to train it in the morning and in the evening.

Which Boxer dog accessories to get? You will need a harness, Boxer dog collar and leash for everyday activities of the pet.

Where to buy dog supplies online? You are welcome to our Boxer shop where you can find all the necessary equipment for your dog!

There are 3 steps of successful online purchasing:

1. Measure your Boxer according to the instructions of harness, muzzle and collar sizing you can see in every dog product.

2. Got the measurements? Fill them in the attributes at the top of the product page.

3. You can always contact us via our e-mail if the collar, harness, muzzle or any other product doesn't fit your Boxer. Our client support team will help you to choose the most suitable product for your dog and will make an exchange if needed!

Instructional Video of Dog Sizing for a Harness

Boxer Shows Walking and Training Leather Collar with Handle

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