Dog Collar and Lead - Why Does Your Bulldog Need Them?

Why Do You Need Dog Collar and Lead for Your English Bulldog?

May 27, 2013 | Dog Collar and Lead | By British Bully

If you decided to adopt Bulldog puppy, the first thing you need to do is to buy such important pet accessories as dog collar and lead. What for? Dog collar and leash are indispensable pet items for walking and training. When you choose this dog equipment, spare no expense and time, then dog obedience training or simply dog walking will bring your Bulldog and you joy and pleasure.

English Bulldog Collars UK

Perfect Nylon Collar for Young and Active Bulldogs

Unequal Bulldog collar may become a great barrier for successful dog training by causing discomfort and painful feelings for your four-legged friend. If the choice of a dog collar became a stumbling point for you, just read our article up to the end and you will learn how to choose a dog collar for sale in a smart way.

Must-Have Accessories for Every Bulldog

First of all, never buy Bulldog collar blindly, without regard to the dog's individual characteristics: size, age, temper and other dog features. For example, naughty Bulldog needs a choke collar or a dog harness, young Bulldog and Bulldog puppy needs dog collar with quick-release buckle.

Adjustable nylon collar or leather collar with buckle will be perfect for well-trained Bulldogs, however, you need to watch it not to tighten Bulldog's neck. You may also choose a personalized collar with ID plate, where you can engrave all necessary information about the dog.

Bulldog Collars UK

Personalized Nylon Collar with Name Plate

Leather leash + choke collar is specially developed to correct the dog's behaviour. It is an ideal combination for leash obedience training and it perfectly fits if you want to stop your dog pulling on a lead. When your dog is pulling on the leash, the collar tightens its neck and makes a suffocating effect. But don't be afraid, this collar won't do any harm to your Bulldog if you loose a leash in time.

Note: when you buy a choke chain, you need to know that this pet product is not for daily use, the collar is intended only for dog training and it is forbidden to wear such a collar every day as it can lead to Bulldog's aggression. Just wear it only for dog exercising with professional trainer.

English Bulldog Harness for Sale

Comfortable Nylon Harness for English Bulldog

If your Bulldog is too vigorous because of its young age, it will be more useful for it to use English Bulldog harness. Your Bulldog will be under your reliable control all the time. Dog harness doesn't allow Bulldog to pull. Bulldogs behave themselves a bit with irritation at first, but then they get used to it and become obedient.

Dog collar and leash are the most important Bulldog accessories. They help you to "navigate" your Bulldog outdoors and to train it. Collar and lead shouldn't be too large or too tight. They should fit perfectly according to your Bulldog size and correspond your requirements. Besides, dog lead and collar serve you like a communicative mean with your pet. Hands free dog leash is a good example of such a communication between the dog and the owner.

English Bulldog Collars for Sale

English Bulldog Control Collar with Handle

If you want your Bulldog to be obedient and to understand you without words, you need to choose the right collar and leash for your canine. Our article teaching a dog to walk on a leash will help you to understand your favourite.

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