English Bulldog in The World Cinematography (part 2)

The Greatest Movie Stars in "Bulldog" Cinematography


April 26, 2013 | Films Dogs | By British Bully

Let’s continue our review of the topic devoted to the English bulldogs whose excellent actor potential has found its place in many films shot by producers all over the world.

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It is not a secret that an appearance, complaisance, cool behavior and a cheerful spirits make English bulldog an excellent actor and a wonderful shooting area partner. In what films has appeared all magnificent actor potential of this breed? Let’s try to look into it together.

Aristocratic English Bulldog in a Leather Collar

English Bulldog in a Leather Collar

“Van Wilder” (2002)

This is a comedy film “Van Wilder” shot by the American producer Walt Becker. It tells about the life of a young playboy and a poor student VanWilder who supposed to graduate university a long time ago but his active and random lifestyle bother him to do it. All his free time he spends for organization and guidance of different parties where he meets and sleep with all the girlfriends he likes. Especially symbolic and vividly impression in film produces a Van’s English bulldog pet who has an unbelievably huge ‘balls’. It transparently makes an accent on their deep spiritual liaison and likeness with his owner. It’s hard to imagine to which consequences could lead such merry and careless Van’s lifestyle but luckily his father disappointed with his son’s idleness stopped to pay for Van’s everlasting education.

“The Dogfather” (2010)

Shot by the Canadian producer Richard Boddington film “The Dogfather” is a typically comic picture for the family show. One of the most important roles in the film belongs to the English bulldog named Sonny. Actually he is in the center of the story. Sonny just managed to swallow the signet ring which is the power symbol of the almighty mafia don.

Two dummy gangsters from the lower level of the mafia organization swore to return the signet ring to its rightful owner to be welcomed by the respected mafia family members. But Sonny is not so simple and it’s happened to be very difficult to catch him. Having twisted these losers around his little finger the nice bulldog hides in the house of the law-abiding Americans where he finds a devoted friend in the person of their son Josh.

“Rio” (2011)

The joint animation picture of American and Brazilian animator was shot by the producer Carlos Saldanha in comic adventures genre for the family show. The main characters of the picture are two Blue macaw parrots of different sexes named Blue and Jewel. The parrots together with their friends successfully resist the band of Brazilian smugglers who illegally export and sale rare breeds of animals abroad.

One of their voluntary helpers linked by one parrot chain is a kind and a cheerful-silly English bulldog named Luiz. True, the film authors digress from the reality picturing Luiz with a constantly hanging down from the corners of the mouth saliva which stains all things around, including the main characters.

“The Game Plan” (2007)

Kind and simple movie fans will surely like the sport family comedy film shot by the American producer Andy Fickman. The main character of the picture is a super popular football star of the “Rebels” team named Joe Kingman (Dwayne Johnson).

Joe gives himself up to his favourite game. The free from trainings time he devotes to the wild party arrangements in his bachelor apartment. He has a roommate in his bachelor’s lair. It’s his like-minded friend English bulldog Sally.

Everything turns upside-down when his 8-year old daughter Pettis who he didn’t know before gets to his measured bachelor’s way of life. Naturally his daughter starts to put her father’s wild lifestyle in order and with time turns him into a perfect father.

“Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson: The Agra Treasures” (1983)

One of the best screen versions of the world famous short novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is shot by soviet producer Ihor Maslennikov. The title roles are played by the incomparable performance masters and idols of millions Vasily Livanov and Vitaly Solomin.

Thus few people noticed one more imperceptible but very important actor. It was a pet of Vasily Livanov – English bulldog named Bambula. In this series he played a bulldog pet of Dr. Watson – Torry. Thus as a digression we should say that Conan Doyle writes that Watson had a dog of spaniel breed. But Russian filmmakers have decided that an English bulldog would look more solid in the detective story about England. It’s also interesting that Bambula received a salary in the rate of extra player’s salary during the shooting.

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