Dog Collar Buckle Types

Choose Best Buckle Dog Collar for Bulldog

A collar use has become an indispensible part of Bulldog walking today. The collar is a must-have attribute for Bulldog everyday outings. Suitable collar provides comfort and protects from dangerous situations, which may happen outside with Bulldog if it is without such a control tool. Buckle type is one of the main characteristics you have to point attention to together with the design, material and application area of the collar.

Dog Collar Belt Buckle

The collars, which are considered the most convenient and reliable, are produced with two types of buckles: a belt and a quick-release ones. Which dog collars buckle type to get for your Bulldog? Let's find out.

Dog collar belt buckle is a traditional variant. The collar is a classic model and is widely used for Bulldogs of medium and large sizes. The buckle is weld and resistant to break. It is sturdy, dependable in use and easy to fasten due to standard construction. The buckle width is the same with the collar's for maximum convenience.

  • Each collar has 5 holes, the distance between holes is 1 inch (25 mm) so the collar can be adjusted to 2 inches smaller (A, B) and 2 inches larger (D, E).
  • The distance between one end of the collar to the third hole (C) is the actual size of your Bulldog's neck.
  • A, B eyelets are used if Bulldog is growing or lost its weight. D, E eyelets you use when Bulldog has already grown up or gained weight.

Wide collar with classic buckle is the excellent solution for strong Bulldog secure control.

Dog collar quick-release buckle is handy in use. The buckle that is quickly locked and unlocked is its benefit. You can put the collar on Bulldog and take it off with one click.

Dog Collar Quick-Release Buckle

Size regulation is the next advantage of the collar. It has no holes, but there is special length adjustment, which allows collar fitting to Bulldog's neck circumference accurately. You can make the collar larger or smaller any time it is needed. This option is great for Bulldog puppy. Young and adult Bulldogs, which don't pull on the leash and are obedient, can also wear the collar with quick-detach buckle.

The buckle is high-resistant to heavy loads. It doesn't unlock accidently and is solid. One slight touch won't be enough to open a high-quality buckle. The buckle is not too tight at the same time to unlock. It won't be inconvenient is use, vice versa.

Both collars are suited for Bulldog daily activities. It depends on your dog's age, size and temper which buckle type to choose. We will help you with pleasure in choosing the right Bulldog collar. We treat each case individually.

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