Dog Training Clothes

Do you need clothes for Bulldog training and trials? ForDogTrainers offers:

  • Professional clothing for trainers and decoys. Our clothes is designed and used by professionals. All models are produced of extra strong materials to protect you against bites, scratches and dirt. Each clothing is of top quality and thoughtful design.
  • There are suits for WUSV, IGP, Mondioring, French Ring and other kinds of training and championships. You can choose a bite suit or a suit for everyday work with your Bulldog. Custom-made logo of your club or team is available.
  • We offer fast worldwide delivery. You can choose one of 2 shipping ways: Register Mail Service (6-12 business days) or Express Mail Service (3-5 business days). You can return or exchange the product if it is not suitable. Contact us and our Customer Support team will answer all your questions.
  • There are special prices for group orders! We sponsor clubs and various competitions. Personal service and support is provided for every customer.

5 of 5 Stars!This new training suit from Fordogtrainers is super comfortable. It is easy to move in it. The suit is produced according to your sizes and customer support is first-class! Michael, Kent, UK, K9 Training Services

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Best Sellers - Dog Training Clothes

Our training protection equipment is intended to make this process safe, comfortable and convenient for a trainer and a helper. We have wide choice of dog training protection clothes. They are suits for decoys and trainers, vests, jackets, aprons, jumpsuits and many other supplies to train Bulldogs and prepare dogs for different contests and service work.

There are bite suits with different protection levels. Weight of a suit depends on a protection level. Therefore working conditions, mobility degree and strength of Bulldog bites are needed to be defined before dog trainer clothing ordering.

Dog Training Clothes

Dog bite suits for everyday work are of heavy weight. They are intended for attack and protection training. Such a suit secures from dog bites. The suit restricts movements because its main purposes are to protect a trainer or a decoy against injuries and to build dog bite grip. There are hand and head protectors available in our online shop.

Semi-trial suit is a combination of flexibility and safety. It doesn't limit movements being of light weight.

Dog training clothes for trials are lite and their bite protection level is low. You will move freely in the suit and will be able to maneuver at the championships.

If you need to provide working conditions close to real, use hidden protection. Thus you will help a dog to overcome a stereotype that a specific type of people is dangerous only.

Dog Training Clothes

We have dog training clothes for women as well. E.g., dog training treat skirt serves for lasting exercising and for dog trial training. Treats and training supplies are hold in the pockets. There is a ring for leash connection. The skirt is resistant to dirt and scratches and is of all-weather use.

Our clothes for dog trainers allow you feeling comfort and safety during work and trials. You will find clothing of various materials and sizes in our assortment. We also produce suits according to personal sizes and requirements. Professional trainers from around the world use ForDogTrainers clothes. All clothing is certified. We guarantee value for money.

Dog Training Clothes

How to order dog training clothes in our online shop?

1. Measure yourself according to the scheme you can see in every product page.

2. Got the measurements? Fill them in the attributes at the top of the product page or choose suitable size.

3. Contact us via our e-mail if you have any questions or wish to order a suit with a personal embroidery.

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WUSV 2016 - Russian Team in Our Suits

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