Which Dog Collar with Nameplate to Get for Your Bulldog?

Choose Dog Collar with Nameplate

Even the most obedient and intelligent dog can run away and get lost. That is why careful owners put on their dogs collars with a name plate. Your Bulldog's name or your phone number can be engraved on the plate. This will certainly increase the chances of getting your pet faster.

Dog Collar with Nameplate

When a dog name plate collar used?

  • if you walk your Bulldog off the leash;
  • if your Bulldog is walked on the leash, because it can run away;
  • if you have a service Bulldog, which can easily be lost while work;
  • when the dog is at home and can run into the street and get lost.

It is recommended to study all the characteristics of the dog collar with name plate before purchasing.

We have personalized dog collars of genuine leather and nylon. Both variants are reliable in use and intended for long-term service.

Leather Dog Collar with Nameplate

Our leather dog collar with nameplate is handcrafted of premium-quality materials. Leather is 100% natural. It is perfect for Bulldogs with sensitive skin as real leather is hypoallergenic. The collar has no rough edges and it is well-oiled to be soft, flexible and nice to the feel. Leather strap is tear-proof and durable at the same time.

Personalized name plate dog collar of nylon is a worthy alternative. The collar is suitable for any activities in all weather as neither wet nor water will spoil the nylon strap. The collar is two-ply; it is sewed with armoured thread and thus extra strong. Your Bulldog will wear this collar with pleasure as it is light-weighted and very comfortable.

Dog Collar and Name Plate

Both collars are fitted with a solid belt buckle, D-ring and a strap keeper. Metal fittings are break-resistant. They are carefully fixed and will not tear off. The buckle is easy to fasten. The weld D-ring is large enough to attach a dog lead easily. It will take a little time to get your Bulldog ready for a walk.

The name plate on leather and nylon collars is produced of a rust-resistant alloy. It is of light weight; the shape and size of the plate do not bother the dog. You can order either of the two collars with a blank or engraved name plate. One line of the info can be engraved on the plate. The plate allows placing 11 symbols maximum. Write to us the text of engraving in the attributes at the top of the product page when placing your order.

Do you have any questions? Please, write to us and we will reply to them!