Choke Collar vs. Martingale for Young Bulldog

Martingale or Choke Collar?

English Bulldog choke collar or martingale is used for behavioral issues correction of already trained dogs. A choker or a semi-choke dog collar is not suitable to start Bulldog obedience training to make it easier for you. These types of collars are the tools of behavior correction. They help to stop jerking and pulling on a leash, disobedience, jumping and attacking people and animals. Which model of a collar to get for your Bulldog?

English Bulldog Choke CollarThe choke collar is a loop, which is tightened around Bulldog's neck when it pulls or you jerk a lead. A loose ring at one end of the collar slides along and tightens it. A fixed ring at the other end is to attach the leash to. The collar does act when it is loosen if Bulldog does not pull and walks calm.

The action of chokers is based on natural instincts when a mother-dog brings up puppies. Use choke collar properly and it won't do any harm to your Bulldog:

Choke collar doesn't suit for Bulldog puppy under 6 months. It can hurt its neck and trachea.

Chokers are pulled over the dog's head and you have to measure Bulldog's head and neck circumference in the widest parts (below ears and a jaw line). Compare head and neck sizes and add 2-3 inches to the bigger size to specify corresponding length of the chain collar. Perfect size of the choker is when it easily goes over Bulldog's head and touches ears not much.

Choke collars are not used for daily walking.

Choke Collar BulldogDon't jerk the lead during training because too much collar tightening may hurt the dog.

Do not leave Bulldog alone with the choke collar on.

Choose leather choke collar, which is safe, comfortable and silent in action. Genuine leather is nontoxical, nice to the feel and pleasant to wear in any season. Leather does not become too cold in frosty weather and doesn't overheat in the sun. Leather choker keeps Bulldog's coat in perfect condition.

Leather strap is well-processed and rounded along the edges. It will not discomfort, cut or rub the dog's neck. Natural leather is ideal for Bulldogs with sensitive skin.

Leather choker is tear- and wear-resistant. The rings are weld. The collar undergoes heavy loads of pulling and does not tear. This is a reliable and efficient tool to correct behavior of your Bulldog.

The semi-choke or martingale collar consists of leather strap and chain. The collar is tightened around Bulldog's neck as well, but to a set point due to the chain, which acts as a stopper.

Choke Collar vs MartingaleHalf-choke collar benefits:

  • ideal for young, active and aggressive Bulldogs;
  • perfect for Bulldogs, which pull on the leash;
  • the collar will not slip off the neck through the head.

Leather part of the collar is durable and harmless for Bulldog's skin. There are two welded rings on the ends of the leather strap. They hold the chain. The third ring on the chain is intended for the lead fastening. This type of collar deals with Bulldog's disobedience more gently.

Ask advice of experienced dog trainer before any of these collars purchasing. Use the collar under trainer's control if required.

Use special softcare leather balsam to prolong service life of the leather collar, to protect it from wet and water and to save its look.

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