English Bulldog | Teaching a Dog to Walk on a Leash (Part 2)

A Couple Tips to Make Your English Bulldog Leash Obedience Training Succesful

May 21, 2013 | Dog Laed Walking | By British Bully

When training your Bulldog to stop pulling on the leash during a walk, use a lead of 5ft (Bulldog Training Leash) or 7ft (Dog Training Walking Leash) long, choose a convenient material and width for you in our English Bulldog Store. If your Bulldog is chewing a lead, then you may use Chain Lead. There are also rope dog leads, such as Paracord Leash, made of extra strong nylon cord, which are specially designed to carry the loads when dog pulling on lead. Extendable and retractable dog leads more than 7ft long are inconvenient to stop your dog pulling on a lead.

Proper Dog Training Equipment:

Improper Dog Training Equipment:
  • Usual dog harness (provoke Bulldog to pull).
  • Fabric or metal choke chains (can be effective only for professional dog obedience classes).
  • Pinch or prong collar (can be effective only for professional dog obedience classes).

english bulldog wearing collar with handle

English Bulldog with Short Control Leather Collar

Before training your Bulldog not to pull on a leash during a walk, first train your pet simply to walk on a lead with a dog collar. We recommend you to get a comfortable Padded Leather Collar and Extra Wide Nylon Collar, which are both the indispensable helpers for walking a Bulldog.

Dog collar mustn`t discomfort your dog during its walking, so you need to choose the dog collar of a right size, which will fit perfectly for your Bully, won`t seize its neck and won`t hang loose at the same moment as the dog can slip out of it. And, of course, you need to get English Bulldog Collars of bigger sizes as far as your dog is growing-up.

Before the walking, tighten a dog collar on your Bulldog and watch, what it will do. The majority of English Bulldogs even don`t respond to the collar, but some of them can scratch their neck and try to put it off. However, Bulldogs are quickly get used to the collar and walking a dog with a collar won`t become a hard nut to crack.

When your Bulldog get accustomed to the dog collar, then it`s high time to attach a Bulldog Leash to it and give your dog the opportunity to run about the apartment with it. But, please, be very attentive that your dog wouldn`t entangle itself the the lead leash. By the way, it`s better to use a Chain Leash to prevent your dog chewing a lead.

When it won`t concentrate on the walking lead, then take it and walk with a dog on a lead. It will gladly run around the apartments and will nosing everywhere. At the following level it is possible to walk your dog outdoors. And dog treats will help us on this stage. Use it as a bait to entice your Bully on the street and to take it away from the house, then treat your dog every time, when it correctly execute all your ordes.

If your favourite don`t want to walk on a leash, then read our article My Bulldog Refuses to Walk on a Lead - What Can I Do?