IGP Dog Training Harness for Bulldog

What IGP Dog Training Harness for Bulldog to Choose?

If you are looking for a harness for IGP training, we have two of the best ones, which are intended for this purpose. These harnesses are with Y-shaped wide chest plates. The very shape of the plate keeps with anatomical structure of Bulldog and its neck will be safe and free of loads. Both harnesses are used by pro trainers and are bestsellers. Get the one you like most!

IGP Dog Harness

Our nylon harness for IGP American Bulldog training is a top-quality gear. Nylon is resistant to stretch, tear and water. It is of light weight and the dog be comfortable with the harness. Nylon harness is easy to clean and maintain. It is produced in black color, several sizes and is suitable for small, medium and large Bulldogs.

Cushion-like breast plate provides supreme comfort. The harness won't provoke rubbing and cutting into the dog's skin. There is also soft and wide back plate, which is fitted with a handle for Bulldog control and a D-ring for leash attachment. The handle is firm and convenient to hold.

There are also 2 side D-rings for pulling and muscles building. All the rings are welded, corrosion-resistant and high-tensile.

The size of the harness is regulated with the help of straps. It is put on in a few seconds with the help of one click of quick-release buckle. This is very convenient for your Bulldog and you.

The harness is suitable for all-weather use. It is an indispensible dog accessory not only for training, but also for everyday life.

IGP Protection Harness

Our leather harness is extra strong and wearproof, but soft and pleasant to the touch. It won't irritate dog's skin or damage coat because leather quality is the highest. All the edges of this harness are rounded and waxed.

Neck straps, breast and back plates are padded with thick and soft felt to avoid any harm and discomfort.

Leather straps are wide and durable. They are easily regulated with the help of buckles. You can always fit the harness to your Bulldog dimensions.

The harness is put on Bulldog with quick-detach buckle. It is very handy in use. All the fittings of this harness are welded, sound and rustproof. A leash is connected with the D-ring on the back plate.

The harness is perfect for medium and large Bulldogs. There is an option of handle and colors (black, brown) choosing. You can use this harness for safe and comfy Bulldog walking.

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