• Model: C447#1050 Leather Collar with Brass Spikes for Bullmastiff
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Bullmastiff Collar of Two-Ply Leather & Nappa with Brass Spikes

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Nappa Lined Collar of Two-Ply Leather with Brass Barbs for Bullmastiff

This is the strongest and one of the most beautiful Bullmastiff collars you could ever see! The finest example of comfort, gorgeous look and durability is here, in our online shop! Every detail of this collar proves its highest quality. Your Bullmastiff will look really royal with our double-ply dog collar!

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Massive Dog Collar for Bullmastiff

Gorgeous Two-Ply Leather Collar with Brass Spikes for Bullmastiff

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Double-Ply Leather Dog Collar for Bullmastiff

Nappa Lined and Finely Stitched Double-Ply Bullmastiff Collar

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Two-Ply Dog Collar for Bulldog

Special Fur Saving Plate to Avoid Rubbing From Buckle

Main features of this Massive Dog Collar:

  • strong and soft leather
  • padded with Nappa inside
  • rounded leather edges
  • fur protection plate
  • goldish brass spikes
  • rustproof brass hardware
  • carefully hand-stitched
  • D-ring for lead fastening
  • solid buckle to regulate the size
  • hand set metal details
  • exclusive design
  • selected quality

Proper use of this Two-Ply Dog Collar:

  • Bullmastiff walking
  • Bullmastiff handling
  • Bullmastiff training

Characteristics of this Bullmastiff Collar:

  • Material: genuine leather
  • Size: for dogs with 16-40 inches neck size
  • Width: 1.8 inch (45 mm)


  • black
  • brown

How to Size Your Bullmastiff for This Two-Ply Dog Collar:

How to Size Two-Ply Dog Collar

Please, follow the main rules when choose a two-ply collar for your Bullmastiff:

  • Write the exact neck circumference of your Bullmastiff without adding any notion. Our experts will take into account all the details for the dog collar according to Bullmastiff's neck size.
  • The neck circumference of your Bullmastiff is on the first hole from the buckle (A) in two-plied dog collars, if the dog collar is not coiled.
  • If the dog collar is coiled on the neck of your Bullmastiff, the given neck circumference is on the second or third hole from the buckle (B or C).
  • E.g., you've chosen 20 inch (50 cm) neck size for your Bullmastiff. This size matches the second or the third hole from the buckle (B or C) when it's coiled on your Bullmastiff's neck. When the collar is not coiled, its length matches the first hole (A) because of the buckle.
  • If you have a Bullmastiff puppy or a young Bullmastiff, take into account that it will grow, gain weight, that's why write us the age, breed and sex of your dog.
  • Please note that two-ply dog collars are heavy and massy.

We used thick, but soft leather of selected quality for this Bullmastiff dog collar. Then we lined it with soft Nappa so that your dog could forget about rubbing, irritations, discomfort and coat damage.

Gold-looking brass spikes, D-ring and buckle are hand set and fixed with polished rivets. The buckle won't tear your dog's hair out because there is special fur saving plate inside the buckle. D-ring is intended to resist the hardest loads. It's welded. Spikes aren't sharp, being well polished. Brass hardware is resistant to rust.

White stitching adds durability and VIP design to the accessory. An ideal collar for your huge and powerfull Bullmastiff is here!

Take a Look at Bullmastiff with Our Two-Ply Spiked Leather Collar
Photos from Our Clients

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Bullmastiff Collar UK Double-Ply Leather

Royal Looking Bullmastiff with Nappa Lined Spiked Leather Collar

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Bullmastiff Dog Collar UK Nappa Padded

Bullmastiff's Neck Is Protected with Special Plate Inside the Buckle

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Double-Ply Dog Collar for Bullmastiff UK

New Model of This Bullmastiff Collar Has A Bit Differently Set Spikes (See Photos of the Collar Above)

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