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Jute Bite Tug with Handle for Bulldog Puppy Basic Training

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Bulldog Puppy Training Bite Tug of Jute with Nylon Handle

As you know, training is one of the most important aspects in growing up your Bulldog puppy. And if you want your Bully to be obedient and well skilled, then you have to start from choosing the best dog toys and dog training equipment. We are glad to present you one of such top quality dog items - jute bite tug for Bulldog puppy training.

This bite tug is considered one of the best items for Bulldog puppy bite training. It's approved by the best dog trainers and vets and produced according to the international standards. Puppy training tug is intended for Bulldog bite skills improvement and prey drive training. Training tug has a very convenient size and form, so that your puppy could bite it and not to hurt its cutting teeth. Indeed, this puppy tug is equipped with a firm nylon loop, which will help you to supervize your pet's behaviour during its training.

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Jute Bite Tug UK

Bulldog Puppy Bite Tug with Reliable Nylon Handle

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Jute Bite Tugs UK

Jute Bite Tug Will Make Your Bulldog's Training Safe and Fruitful

Main features of this Jute Puppy Bite Tug:

  • strong and reliable
  • firm nylon handle
  • hypoallergic stuffing
  • careful stitching
  • non-toxic materials
  • handmade
  • top quality

Proper use of this Puppy Training Tug:

  • puppy bite training
  • puppy bite skills development
  • retrieve work


  • Width: 1.6 inches (4 cm)
  • Length: 12 inch (30 cm)


  • jute

Attention! Never leave your Bulldog with the bite tug alone. It's a dog training tool and not a dog chewing toy. Don't let the dog to bite the handle, it's for you to hold the tug. It's only a stuffed part for Bulldog to train in biting.

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