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Jute Bite Pillow, Dog Training Pad with Sound Cover for Bulldog

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Bulldog Bite Training Pad with 3 Handles and Protective Cover of Jute

English Bulldog has a vicelike grip, that is why ordinary dog supplies aren't for this breed because they will serve your Bully not for a long. If you don't want to throw your money away getting new dog items over and over, then you need to choose professional dog training equipment for Bulldog bite training. Our newly-designed dog training pad with jute cover will be perfect for Bulldog bite skills improvement.

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Dog Bite Training Gear

Super Strong Jute Bite Pillow with Jute Cover for Bulldogs

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Dog Bite Pillow

Bulldog Friendly Materials and Stuffing Were Used for This Bite Pad

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Dog Bite Training Pad

Protective Jute Cover Is Stitched to Bite Pillow

Main features of this Bulldog Training Pad:

  • strong and safe jute exterior
  • Bulldog-friendly balanced stuffing
  • hypoallergic and non-toxic
  • 3 comfortable nylon handles
  • stitched with supported thread
  • durable jute cover
  • large bite area
  • bound edges
  • light-weighted
  • top quality

Proper use of this Bulldog Bite Pillow:

  • full mouth grip building
  • Bulldog bite training
  • Bulldog protection training


  • 4 inch x 8 inch x 12 inch (10 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm)


  • Pillow: jute
  • Cover: jute

This dog bite pillow is one of the most popular in UK because its quality characteristics were approved not only by the best Bulldog breeders and vets, but also by experienced trainers and, of course, by Bulldogs themselves.

The bite pad is considered the finest training tool for those Bulldogs, which have already been trained with bite tugs to prepare them for bite sleeves.

The advantages of this dog training pad are the next: it is made of dog-friendly materials. The exterior is of natural jute. It is extra durable and high-resistant to bites. There is also a jute cover, which is stitched to the pillow as an additional reinforcement. The pad is heavy stuffed with specialized filler of Korean producer. The stuffing is shagged and highly flexible.

The pillow and its edges are stitched with supported thread so your Bully won't tear it even having the death grip. Bite pad doesn't absorb wet and dirt, that's why it will be easy for you to wash it. Besides, it is equipped with 3 extra strong and pleasant to touch nylon handles so that you could use this training pad with convenience. You will be surprised with a supreme quality and multitasking functionality of this bite pad!

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